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vs. RAYS, 9/01

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lol Delmon was known for preaching fundamental baseball. Vet leadership would have stopped Tillman from giving up that walk too.

I think our pitching woes are down to trading Bud Norris, who is a real "professional pitcher." Lousy pitcher, but a professional with more than five years experience.

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If only we had Cruz to pitch us out of this jam this inning

If Cruz was here, do you really think the O's would be scuffling for runs this badly? The pitchers are under tremendous pressure right now. Four runs and the game is over.

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There is not a single enjoyable thing about watching this team play baseball right now.

Not one. From the bonehead plays to the inability to execute in the clutch to buck showalter making the "Tom coughlin face" in the dugout.

This team is terrible over the last 20 or so games and duquette making another awful panic trade for parra looks even worse with him out of the line up over the last week or so.

This team has zero direction right now and it is painfully obvious that is from the top down.

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This is starting to look like the teams in New York, Arizona, and Texas that got Buck fired. This is a total and utter disaster.

His Yankees team went to postseason his last year there.

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