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Can You Buy a Championship?

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I know years ago the Marlins and Yankees would "buy" championships. With today's market' date=' is that still possible?[/quote']

Sour grapes to say the Yankees 'bought' championships. Also sounds sad

Jeter, Posada, Pettitte, Williams, Rivera were al home grown. They Yankees paid to keep their own players. Something the Orioles 'claim' they can't do, but there's no proof the Orioles can't. No one knows the Orioles and MASN finances.

O'Neil, Martinez were great tyrades. Brosisus was a great acquision, he was avaialble to anyone.

When the Yankees won 4 Championships in 5 years, the Orioles had a higher payrolls in many of those years.

Lets be Orioles fans, sack up and stop whining

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Even when the MFYs won their most in the past two decade, they always had a core that was not bought. Jeter, Rivera, Pettite, Posada, B. Williams were homegrown and the Yankees win nothing without them.

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That's very sentimental. They also had the unrestricted budget to resign them for their entire careers into and through their free agent years. The Orioles, and 90% of teams do not have those resources. Period.

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The Marlins didn't buy any championship.

They did have the 5th highest payroll in baseball in 97. That still doesn't qualify as "buying a championship" but they weren't always the penny pinchers they are now.

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