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Jim Henneman: Touching Bases Before Pitchers And Catchers Report

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    • I don't think we are going to convince one another which is fine. If they placed values on certain players, they could certainly end up "accidentally" saving $222K over the course of a 5 round draft. Especially when their plan was to sign their first pick for significantly less than slot value. There is something of an information gap when drafting in the Majors. Teams don't know exactly what it is going to take to sign every single player, there is uncertainty as to which players will be available in future rounds, and they could reasonably think that a player that costs less to sign is better than a player who might cost more to sign. Coby Mayo and Carter Baumler were the highest paid players drafted in the 4th and 5th rounds. Of the 60 players taken, in those two rounds, they were #1 and #2.  They could have gotten a more expensive player in the supplemental, second, and third rounds but on the other hand they could have legitimately preferred say, Anthony Servideo at #74 for $950K over Nick Garcia who went at #79 for $1.2M. I have no idea whether they did or didn't, or whether they were right or wrong in their judgments, but especially in a draft where you only end up with 6 guys, it doesn't seem absurd to end up only using 98.5 percent of their slot value.  Maybe they thought Kjerstad would take $5.5 million to sign and they negotiated it down to $5.2 million. In a normal draft you can take a couple of high school fliers in the 11-30th rounds knowing that you can only sign one play them against each other to try to get as close to your slot value as possible. This draft was unique, that wasn't an option this year. I believe they went in with a plan to go underslot on the first pick because they thought Kjerstad plus overslot guys that would cost an additional $2.5-$2.75M was more valuable than drafting Austin Martin and not getting any overslot guys. They executed that plan. Could a part of the plan have been to cap their spend at 98.5% of the slot value? Sure, but that need not have been part of the plan.
    • Yes because you aren’t even addressing the argument and what I’m saying.  You are just spouting pointless bs.  
    • If they were that cash strapped on money they could have not resigned Sanchez and let Martin play SS this season and saved 500k and no one would blinked an eye.  They could have saved on international period and still spent way more then they ever have.  This seems like a bad PR type move and so many other ways to save money.  
    • So when I question what you claim to be facts this is the response I get? Whatever Bro! Part of the problem here is that you claim to have facts backed up by absolutely nothing and I’m being impossible? Ok ...LOL
    • I don’t necessarily disagree with you; certainly I think Stewart is useless, but putting a more positive light on things, Stewart has a good eye, Mullins offers great D, Power isn’t everything, assuming Hays won’t stay healthy is only an assumption, and Diaz hasn’t even taken the field as a major leaguer. If healthy, Hays is a fine CF, Mullins remains a fine 4 OF, Stewart shouldn’t be in the OF anyway, and Diaz will get every chance to show his stuff.
    • I thought he was better his first two years then started to rely on catch phrases and homer-isms the longer his tenure went, but I'll admit to not watching many of his broadcasts the last 3 years. 
    • Lol...ok, I’m done.  You are one of the most impossible people I have encountered with in terms of having a conversation.  It’s just not worth it.
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