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Michigan @ Maryland

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Good game Brantley. He needs more minutes rest of the way. Layman, Dodd also deserve props.

Turgeon doesn't know how to manage a game. Rotate guys in and out, because Trimble is getting outplayed by Brantley and Ram makes less mistakes. Dodd and Layman need some time as well. Nickens and Checko could use some real in game time, and I'm glad Nickens played some today. Honestly though, unless Trimble straightens things out, we won't make noise in the tournament. Guard play is so important, and we are really lacking there. I can't believe we haven't had a pure PG in so long.

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Anyone else notice Stone was out a lot in the second half? Didn't think he was in foul trouble, maybe because Dodd was doing so well on defense or am I missing something?

I agree with the complaints with Carter, but he did come up fairly big there near the end of the game.

Glad they pulled this one out.

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Honestly though, unless Trimble straightens things out, we won't make noise in the tournament.

Yep, this is pretty much what it boils down to. Trimble regains his form and we can make a legit run, if he keeps playing like he has the past month and a half, we're lucky to escape first weekend.

Dodd is a better defender than Stone. Still see Stone giving up easy baskets.

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If there was WAR for basketball, Carter would be about a -2. He can score occasionally but he's horrible defensively and makes horrible decisions.

There is little doubt Carter is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Guy has some talent, but decision making and defense seems to overtake his scoring skills sometimes.

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Squeaking by Michigan at home is nothing to be happy about. Always will take a win over a loss, but the team was out coached once again and only Maryland's superior talent allowed the team to pull out a win. Trimble has become selfish and is either turning the ball over like a skill or taking bad shots with too much time on the shot clock. Good game by Layman though.

We all prefer wins to losses, but at the end of the day, this team is not improving and this is bad time of year for that lack of cohesive play to still be happening. Trimble going from a Wooten player of the year candidate to a pretty selfish bad point guard is certainly part of the issues right now, but the fact the team has to continually rely on its superior size and talent and hoping the other team goes cold is not a good combo come tourney time.

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    • https://www.google.com/amp/s/syndication.bleacherreport.com/amp/2948617-fresh-predictions-for-top-2021-22-mlb-free-agents-with-offseason-approaching.amp.html   Btw, if this article is right, GTFO all of these guys except Stroman..I would beat that offer and not think twice about it.
    • From 2017-2019, he didn’t appear in more than 110 games. Bryant and Correa debuted in MLB the same year and Bryant is worth 7 more WAR. Bryant isnt some butcher at third.  You are greatly overreacting to his defense as of right now.  We agree that it will be an issue in a few years and he likely won’t stay at third long term but he can still play there now. Baez is about to turn 29.  He’s an intriguing option but I think he’s wAnts glitz and glamour.  He seems to be a guy like that, so I dont think he’s a likely signing for us.     To be honest with you, I think all of these guys are extremely risky.  If we are talking the FA route, I like Bryant aging well and keeping up his value whether it’s in the OF or first.  I think his bat will stay strong, especially in our park, that he will have value anywhere he plays.     But look at the SS..Correa and Seager have health issues.  Story’s having an off year, he’s about to turn 29 and his career OPs on the road is almost 250 points less than at home in Coors.  Simien has had his recent issues. The stat you brought up is great but the bottom line is that our current OF is completely unreliable.     We will wait and see on Mullins but no one should be going into the offseason feeling great about Santander and Hays.  On top of that, we don’t know how long Mancini will be here, who has helped with that stat.     Beyond that, we agree about the long term viability of the OF but it wasn’t long ago where we thought Diaz was a long term guy and Mullins was garbage…things change fast.  Personally, I don’t feel Stowers or Neustrom will be everyday guys but I do want to see them get a chance.  And of course we still know nothing about Kjerstad. One thing I will say is that the best case scenario would be to get a Nolan Jones or someone like that, for third or SS (ie, an up and coming young player with high upside who is attainable) and spend the money elsewhere.
    • I wouldn't "hand" anyone a job.  But, I would like to see Mateo given an extended look in 2022 to see what we have there.  I liked what I saw in a limited look.  We need to see if he is more than a utility or AAAA player.
    • Right, but you can't tell who can do that based off the number of runs they've scored.  
    • That will never get old. It certainly does get oldER, though, has it been long enough that we can remark on how young those guys look?
    • It doesn’t look dirty to me. The camera angle might be a little deceiving, but it appears he may have made some kind of move toward 2B after running through 1B and needed to get back on 1B. The runner has every right to be on base. The fielder/pitcher does not get to dominate the base like that. You could make a case that he pushed him for both to avoid a collision with knees or getting spiked. Those things cause legitimate injury.  He has never been considered a dirty player that I have ever heard. To me, it’s a good kind of competitive toughness that is taught from 9 years old. If a player stands in the middle of first base without providing a path for the runner, the runner can run through them. It is what it is. 
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