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Michigan @ Maryland

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There are a lot of complaints about defense in these threads, but it just isn't a particularly appropriate complaint overall. MD is a top 20 defensive team by basically any measurement. Every defense has weaknesses.

The 2nd half defense yesterday was certainly weak against the pick-and-roll because the weak side defenders stopped sagging off their perimeters shooters. While we didn't defend it well, I totally agree with that adjustment. Michigan can't be allowed to get rolling on 3 pointers.

If you look at who beat us from outside yesterday, we made the right guys beat us. It just so happens that they got better performance out of their worse shooters than normal.

The Michigan stats from best to worst 3pt% and what they did yesterday:

D Robinson - 47%, 2-4 yesterday, the last make was with 30 sec left and Layman laying on top of him, he threw it up from behind his head

Dawkins - 45%, 0-0

LeVert - 45%, DNP

Walton Jr - 42%, 3-7, one make was on a pull up where he basically ran into the defending guarding him and it still went it, I only saw him get 1 easy look

Rahkman - 38%, 2-5, he got 2 open looks, made 1

Wilson - 35%, 0-0

Donnal - 33%, 3-4, he got open looks, but he had made 8 all year coming into the game, I agree with wanting this shot to be shot

Irvin - 33%, 1-5, great player overall, but certainly not a shooter, we goaded him into several stupid three pointers, just as they goaded Robert Carter into 3 ill advised threes.

Chatman - 23%, 2-2, needless to say you want him shooting these all day. Of course he hit both attempts against MD.

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Great analysis. I don't have any statistical proof to back up my next statement, but I feel like a lot of teams make more 3's with our hands in their faces or from a guy who never shoots them.

I feel like I've heard at least 3 times this year an announcer point out the shooter onl hit X amount of 3's the entire year (below 10) or was X% shooter (below 25%) and yet they hit against us.

Contested 3's seems to happen quite a bit with us. We did leave them open for a couple 3's, but when they're throwing up junk and it's going in, we can't do much about that.

Also, a few topics down I posted an article about the Terps that no one seemed to care about lol, but in the article it points out we're one of 4 teams at the time that was rated as a top 10 offense and top 10 defense by their metric.

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I read it and agree.

I kind of hate the whole "why does everyone get hot against us" line, but I will say that it seems to be happening a lot this year. Last year, I thought we got lucky quite a few times. Good shooters missing big shots late against us and the like. This year so far I have watched a lot of games where I thought the coin flip stuff like long rebounds, block/charge calls, and outside shooting was more against us than for us for sure.

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I tend to try not to do that as well. When I was younger I would get so frustrated watching Duke hit all their shots. Until I realized that they were good shooters with open shots they were hitting.

This year I just shake my head when these guys are throwing up stuff and it's going in. I think all of that tends to even out. I think it's more noticeable to me this year maybe because we're considered good by everyone, so we kinda have a target on our back. We're basically getting everyone's best shot.

The long rebound stuff is another thing that is infuriating to watch. And often that leads to a wide open 3.

At the end of the day, we really have to hope Melo gets right. If he does, we'll be dangerous in March.

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We did leave them open for a couple 3's

I was keeping track and counted 11 wide open looks from three for Michigan. We do this every game. It's because we constantly collapse on defense to double guys. That strategy works in stifling intermediate game but if you're facing a team that can hit threes or gets hot, it's going to backfire if you overdo it.

And rebounding is definitely a weakness. If you watch Carter specifically, if the ball doesn't ricochet directly toward him, he simply isn't getting boards. Lots of tipped balls as poster above mentions (Cheko and Stone do this a ton).

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Every defense has to give up something. If the team is leaving the right people open for three, than I have no issue with it because that person is going to miss at a high enough percentage to make it a positive long term.

I watched the DVR of the Michigan game again and counted 4 open threes that I didn't like. I agree that there were 11-12 open total, but most of them were taken by guys that I'm perfectly happy to watch take them all day. Of course, open can't mean unrushed. Most of the open 3s, there was a guy running at the shooter with arms up so the shooter had to move it along. Bad three point shooters will miss in that situation most of the time.

Michigan hit about 3-4 3 pointers more than I would have expected based on who shot them and how they were shot. And MD still won the game despite an awful game from a turnover standpoint.

Turnovers were the thing we did the worst in that game by far. Michigan isn't a particularly adept defensive team and they don't force a lot of turnovers. We had 6-8 unforced turnovers. Michigan lives on their 3 point shooting so them hitting shots isn't entirely unexpected.

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And two of the turnovers were just completely mind numbing bone headed plays from Carter and Layman....basically passing the ball to Michigan under their basket. I expect to never see that again and take away those two easy buckets and the game has a little more spread, especially if we keep the ball and score on either or both possessions.

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Every defense has to give up something. If the team is leaving the right people open for three, than I have no issue with it because that person is going to miss at a high enough percentage to make it a positive long term.

I watched the DVR of the Michigan game again and counted 4 open threes that I didn't like. I agree that there were 11-12 open total, but most of them were taken by guys that I'm perfectly happy to watch take them all day.

I guess my point is we just need to be smarter with execution. You collapse every time, a good three point shooting team will abuse you. If you notice, we did cut down in the second half so of course that lead to easy baskets inside. Michigan is a smart, well coached team, props to them. But we made things easier on them by telegraphing what we were doing (went from over collapsing in the first to over guarding the three in the second). Have no problem with leaving the right guys open - just need to balance it and again be smarter.

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