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Maryland at Purdue.

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Well, I guess I was wrong about it having to get better. We are down 14 already, looking like we are going to get blown out if we are gonna keep playing like this. What happened to this team? I thought we had a legit shot at the National Championship. Now I'm not so sure we get above a 6 seed. Would you honestly be surprised if we got knocked out in the first round? This has to go on Turgeon, what a terrible turn for this team in the last few weeks.

Sorry to be so doom and gloom, I guess I just was too optimistic earlier this year.

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Stone can do some very, very impressive things at times.

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He is very talented offensively. He needs more time to learn how to rebound and defend quality big men. He plays much smaller than he is sometimes. I obviously overreacted to the 16 point defecit, but I still don't see us winning if we keep getting killed inside and on the glass.

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Nice effort at the end. I just don't get the lack of rebounding, and Trimble falling off the map. He and Carter may be back next year at this rate. This sort of freefall makes me sick. Do you think we end up in the Top 15 at the end of the year? We lose to Indiana and I think we end up around 17 or so. That's a 15 spot drop in less than a month. Turgeon needs to take a lot of the blame. Stone and Carter haven't learned to rebound, or play defense at a high level. If Melo is hurt, sit him and play Brantley more. Make Layman the focus of the offense if needed. He's been our best overall player on both ends. An early NCAA exit thus year will be a punch in the gut. Next year will be another one where we will be struggling to make the tournament.

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We're screwed because something is wrong with Trimble. It is that simple. He can't physically dominate guards on the drive anymore and he can't hit open shots outside. I don't know why. I am hoping he is just hurt.

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Take it for what it's worth but Steve Davis on 105.7 claims he has spoken to several people around the program and been told there is nothing physical wrong with him, it is all mental.

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The rebounding killed us again today, but 90% of it was Carter.

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To be fair, our 6'10" center played 35 minutes and had 2 defensive rebounds. Combined with Dodd and Cheko, that's 42 minutes of basketball from guys 6'10" and over with 2 defensive rebounds, 6 total.

This is like the third game in a row where we've watched the other team rebound their own missed foul shots in late-game situations. It is unfathomable.

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    • Syndergaard is no Stroman, but he could make a comeback and will obviously be much cheaper and therefore much more realistic - especially considering Stroman is a NYer, and the Mets undoubtedly want him back.  Noah is scheduled to make his MLB comeback tonight - probably just an inning - from the UCL tear - so he's basically missed 2 years - but he did pitch 197 innings the year before.  High risk but high reward.  Just turned 29, but the hair may be past its prime.     
    • Gametime:  7:05 pm Forecast:  mid 70s, there have been on and off light showers during the day and there could be a few tonight, but very minor Roster Move:  Bruce Zimmermann is coming off the 60 day IL to start.  Corresponding roster move has yet to be announced. Matchup:  Chris Sale (L) vs Bruce Zimmermann (L) Lineups 1. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF 2. Hunter Renfroe (R) RF 3. Rafael Devers (L) 3B 4. Xander Bogaerts (R) SS 5. J.D. Martinez (R) DH 6. Kyle Schwarber (L) LF 7. Bobby Dalbec (R) 1B 8. Jose Iglesias (R) 2B 9. Christian Vazquez (R) C Orioles TBA Orioles Bench TBA Bullpen Availability Available     Fernando Abad*   1.0 IP, 20p Sunday; 1.1 IP, 11p Friday     Marcos Diplan  2.0 IP, 35p Saturday     Thomas Eshelman  1.0 IP, 13p Sunday     Conner Greene   0.2 IP, 15p Sunday; 0.1 IP, 18p Friday     Eric Hanhold  1.1 IP, 23p Sunday; 0.2 IP, 14p Friday     Joey Krehbiel  1.2 IP, 30p Saturday; 0.2 IP, 9p Friday     Brooks Kriske  1.0 IP, 13p Saturday     Cole Sulser   0.2 IP, 9p Friday; 1.2 IP, 22p Thursday     Dillon Tate    1.1 IP, 22p Saturday; 0.1 IP, 11p Friday     Konner Wade  recalled from Norfolk Friday     Spenser Watkins  recalled from Norfolk Saturday *denotes lefthander Current Rotation (T=Today, A=Announced, G=Guess)    Zimmermann (T), Lowther (A), A. Wells (A), Ellis (G), Means (G)   
    • If going budget on 3B enabled us to get a Stroman/Gausman/Gray/Desclafini would you reconsider on Bryant? Highly doubt we're getting both. 
    • Well this to me explains it. Some seriously low OBP's on this team. 
    • I hate it too…but I think Stroman could be an exception to the rule because of how he pitches. I worry less about him wearing down vs a power arm. But we aren’t going to sign the perfect player.  FA doesn’t allow for that.  At some point, risks have to be taken.  It’s just a matter of mitigating the risks as much as possible.
    • I listen to a few podcasts and I think the O's have gone to great lengths to teach good swing decisions. Swinging at a low/away slider on the first pitch of an AB might be a bad swing decision in their eyes even if it's a strike. That approach will lead to better contact, but also deeper counts and thus more k's and walks. I think we view the k rate as the tradeoff to better contact when we actually swing, so I would expect it to be relatively high. 
    • It is strange. Cedric is only 19th in the AL in runs scored (but just 3 runs behind number 13). Even more surprising: Cedric leads the league with 99 hits with no outs, 10 more than Altuve, who's in second place. You would think lots of no-out hits would lead to lots of runs, but it obviously depends on the guys batting after you, I wouldn't look so much at the OBP of hitters after Cedric since getting on base without a hit usually won't drive a runner in. I would guess that their BAs and SLGs are more important. The Orioles' 2 through 5 hitters have been really bad in both slugging and batting average:  Batting second: .217 in BA (15th in the AL), .403 in slugging (9th in the AL) Batting third: .253 (9th), .419 (11th) Batting fourth: .242 (12th), .422 (13th) Batting fifth: 12th (.228), .385 (13th) The Orioles' second through fifth hitters rank 8th, 12th, 14th and 12th in the AL in RBIs. That seems to fit Cedric's surprisingly low runs-scored total: the guys following him haven't been very good at driving in Cedric, each other or anyone else.  Cedric's low RBI total doesn't surprise me when you look at how bad the hitters before Cedric -- that is, the bottom of the batting order -- have been at getting on base and giving him RBI opportunities. Batting seventh: .283 in OBP (13th in the AL) Batting eighth: .244 in OBP (15th, last by 23 points) Batting ninth: .283 in OBP (13th) Something I didn't really expect when I looked at these numbers: they remind me that, other than Cedric, Mountcastle among rookies (though he shouldn't qualify, IMO), and maybe Hays, the Orioles' offense has been really bad compared to the rest of the league. Expecting a year of growth and the advent of Rutschman to lead to a large upgrade next year is delusional.    
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