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Opening Day Tickets Orioles Email Today (29 Game Plans HAVE OD ALREADY)

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Any word when season tickets willbe mailed out. Only 2 weeks away! I wouldn't mind exchanging some of my games soon.

In case you didn't know, you can electronically exchange/forward tickets. As long as they're in your online account, you don't need the hard copies.

"You can also electronically forward your tickets to tickets@orioles.com to make an exchange. When you forward in tickets please provide all of the following in the "Note to Friend" section before forwarding: the date of the game you want to attend, number of tickets, seating preference, account number, and last four digits of the credit card on file to use if there is a balance due when making the exchange."

^That's a c/p from a ticket rep email. I've done it several times without any issue. Honestly, it's the only way I'll do it since it's easy and it saves me from driving downtown to the box office. I'd recommend picking out your seats before forwarding your tickets though and you can do that using the interactive seat map.

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I tried to exchange tickets last night and and it didn't work, so I emailed my agent and heard back this morning and he said that you will not be able to do it on-line until you get your tickets, either later this week or early next week. I'm not sure why this is, but that's the information I got.

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I happen to be in Baltimore over Easter and I fly back out again on the 5th of April, so last night I bought tickets to OD. They weren't cheap, but I got good seats in section 334 and it may be the only game I can attend all year, so to say I'm excited is an understatement.

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The Orioles have started releasing some tickets to the General Public - I was able to get two limited view OD tickets behind the LF foul pole in Section 74 just now.

You got 2 together? I have tried off and on. I ahead have two but looking to upgrade.

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    • So much has to go right for it to happen.  And i hold no ill will towards Buck.  Life is too short.
    • I'd rather the Orioles get the World Series rings.
    • I wish Buck nothing but the best.  But I feel that way about most people.
    • I was thinking they'd go veteran to start the offseason, but with Nottingham in the picture now, he seems like a guy that Elias is going to at least give a chance to earn a big league job. Given he's out of options, I don't see him breaking camp with the club just to be DFA'ed a couple weeks later when Adley is promoted (assuming he starts the year in the minors, pending CBA). I'm not sure they give him a job right out, but I don't think they're going to have him fight just to earn a job for a couple weeks to then be DFA'ed. I think he either gets a job out of spring training or starts in AAA.  That said, I think a reunion with Wynns is who they'd pair with Adley and Nottingham. I could potentially also see someone like Mathis signed after the lockout if it looks like Adley will still start the year in AAA. Mathis is a vet, obviously, but he'll play this coming season at 39 and only got in 3 games in 2021. He seems like a guy that would be brought in to camp to be a de facto coach while given a chance to hold on. 
    • I’ve always hated the Mets, but if Buck were their manager I’d have to root for him to succeed.   He had his flaws (just ask Duquette), but in the clubhouse and in the games, he was excellent.   The city really took to his personality.   It’s a real shame that things ended so poorly.    I have to say though, the fact that a highly paid player “has let it be known” that he’d like Buck to be the manager sounds like early trouble for Billy Eppler as GM.  
    • I'd rather see him on the range than on a golf course -- less chance of injury. Mini-golf would be ever better.
    • I always liked Buck, and though it's hard to know what a manager is adding (or subtracting) I thought he was a big part of the Orioles' success in the previous decade. (Seems much longer ago.) I thought that right up until October 4, 2016. Since then, I've had a difficult time evaluating Buck. I became suspicious about pretty much every in-game decision he made. I was much more critical when I read about his loopy ideas for player evaluation, disfavoring freckles, young guys with thick beards, and players light eyes, and I wondered whether any of that stuff had hurt the Orioles by affecting decisions about retaining, acquiring and using players. When the Orioles made some really bad personnel decisions, harming the future of the team, I wondered whether Buck had a role in those as others asserted confidently that he did. I have a lot of pleasant memories of Buck (as well as "Buckle up" and "I like our guys" T-shirts), but my good will towards him was pretty much used up when he was dismissed. I hope whoever manages the Mets is wildly successfully. For the Mets to improve dramatically would, from my perspective, help in a couple of ways. It would provide a good test as to whether you can build a winning team by out-spending other teams and bringing in decent management. (I think you can, as long as you combine the dollars with good -- or at least not-terrible -- decisions, and some decent luck.) Second, by attaining and sustaining on-field success for five years or so, the Mets would be likely to provide more competition for the NYYs in terms of New York media attention. Since MLB is not subject to the antitrust laws, teams are permitted to exclude competition from the outside. Only the Mets (and to a very minor degree the RS and Phillies) can compete with the NYYs for the big dollars that are out there in the gigantic NYC metro market. They've done that effectively before (especially in the 1980s). With Cohen's money and some smart baseball guys, maybe they can do it again. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29174512/tim-kurkjian-baseball-fix-buck-showalter-sees-things-else-see https://eutawstreetreport.com/buck-showalter-once-saved-his-dog-from-a-hurricane/
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