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Orioles Need Bounce-Back Seasons From Chris Tillman, Miguel Gonzalez For 2016 Success

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If the Orioles are going to be success in 2016, they are going to need dominating performance from Chris Tillman and Miguel Gonzalez.


Would be nice. I hope they do have solid season.

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If (at least) one of the two bounced back, that might be enough.

Then we would be looking at the possibility of Vance Worley and/or Odrisamer Despaigne and/or Tyler Wilson contributing ...... and perhaps later in the season, Joe Gunkel and/or Ariel Miranda.

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Honestly I'm just hoping for a Tillman bounce back to excellence. It feels like asking for both, or even just asking for Miguel might be too much. Some thought that Bud's horrendous ST last year didn't signal a ton, but it has indeed left an awfully bad taste in my mouth. I'm all for letting Miggy start in the minors until he's dominating there. In terms of Tillman, I don't see him earning that Ace title some of us thought he might be trending towards a couple years ago, but I will hope for that solid #2 pitcher ability.

In Gausman we trust

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I'm not sure Gonzalez is even in the picture right now. He's not on my radar anyway. Tillman has a chance to rebound, but I'm not all that confident with this. He has a much better chance than Gonzalez, though. Tillman was all over the place last year with his control and early on in the spring, that doesn't seem to have changed. I know he's behind due to the hip flexor injury, though. I hope he can bounce back. Lots of people seem to say the league just figured him out last year, but that's not what I saw. I saw a guy that had no control over anything most nights and of course he's going to get hammered all over the park by professional hitters when he's constantly behind in counts. Considering the uncertainty of Jimenez and Gallardo as well, it could be rough times in Baltimore this year. I hope we can manage to not be 10 games back at the end of May. Of course, you can't win the division or wild card in April/May, but you can certainly lose it.

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