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Orioles Release Miguel Gonzalez

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Wow is right.

Sad day, I am a huge Gonzo fan, but if he can't do the job, then move him out of the way.

I echo your comments sir.

One of my favorite Orioles, but results matter.

This tells me that $ is going somewhere else.

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I was not advising that it was a mistake to keep him.

The key is his velocity is down, if you are not a frame throwing, then its going to difficult to pitch at the big league level, unless you have some very nasty stuff.

Sure, I was just giving the report you quoted some much needed salt.

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How much money does this save? 100% the right decision given his performance this spring. I'm just shocked they're doing it given their loyalty, how important he was in the past, etc. I'm not happy that Gonzo has seemingly fallen apart but I'm very happy the Orioles decided to do this rather than guarantee his money and gut out a few starts with him.

I think you have to take into consideration, his very poor pitching the 2nd half of last season, and now this spring, they figured enough was enough.

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I wouldn't be shocked that there's more going on than we know. I don't know what it is, whether it be injury, lack of work ethic, falling out between both sides, I don't know, but I'm convinced there's more going on. He had a horrible spring training, but there has to be more in play when you release a guy who you apparently had an option on and you're already thin at the big league level starting pitching department.

Good point, they don't really have the luxury of just dumpingot him, but here we are.

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Wow. This is a surprise, considering how thin the org is on ML-ready starting pitching. Gonzalez was very good in 2012 and 2013, but the stat boys always pointed out his high FIP. I can only guess they are high enough on Wright and Wilson and/or have another move in the works. Or they really do think he is just done.

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