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For crying out loud, can MLB please implement an electronic strike zone already?

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14 hours ago, Legend_Of_Joey said:


This deserves serious commendation.    He was as good as if we had no human umpire at all.   Uh, wait!......

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Now that I know these game by game charts exist, I hope someone open source somewhere is tabulating team by team totals, home/road splits to see just how many free runs the Yankees get over the course of time.

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Over on the billjamesonline.com forums there's a similar thread, but I seem to have lost that one.  If I can't produce statistically significant truth data with error bars for the pitch tracking systems several other posters told me that they're going to stay with the assumption that Country Joe West is more accurate than the robots.  The statement was made that charts like the ones Corn has been posting are essentially made up numbers, since we don't have exact source data and methodology on how the plots were generated. 

Oh, also, that since the strike zone is defined in relation to individual batters who move around the robots can't judge that and the humans that currently help define the upper and lower limits of the strike zone are probably introducing more error than just using a human ump.

I guess that's really the final word on this.  Eyeballin' it is way better than calibrated optical/laser/radar/lidar systems.

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