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For crying out loud, can MLB please implement an electronic strike zone already?

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14 hours ago, Legend_Of_Joey said:


This deserves serious commendation.    He was as good as if we had no human umpire at all.   Uh, wait!......

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Now that I know these game by game charts exist, I hope someone open source somewhere is tabulating team by team totals, home/road splits to see just how many free runs the Yankees get over the course of time.

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    • Maybe next year. Finishing on a different team?
    • This! Good on Tony! And not undeserved imo either. He's much better than was expected. Better speed and better routes, and he CAUGHT what he got to..
    • Who says that Yaz didn't click with this regime?   He had stagnated in the upper levels for a few years before the new regime took over.   Almost anyone would have concluded that he wasn't going to amount much at the ML level.   Perhaps whatever the core surgery corrected had been nagging him for years.   I don't know.   I know that statistically, Yaz seemed like a 4th OF was his ceiling.   And he was 27-28.   Stuff happens.  That one is tough to explain.
    • RH relievers that throw 95-99 are not so rare anymore so I would say that Peralta is left unprotected.    He is the type of arm another team might take a flier on though.
    • Bowie  SS Henderson 2B Hall (20-30 starts at SS) A+  SS Westburg 2B Grenier A- SS Servideo 2B Hernaiz. 50/50  
    • o   3 years before the Jeffrey Meier incident, Ben McDonald on the mound in yet another controversial home run when the Orioles were [playing the Yankees. During the 1993 pennant race, McDonald was going to-to-toe with the Scott Kamieniecki in a 0-0 pitcher's duel in the bottom of the 8th inning. With Don Mattingly at the plate and the bases empty, a 16 year-old Yankee fan from Connecticut named Tim McKenzie stole a home run in the right-field stands from Mark McLemore. Like Jeffrey Maier 3 years later, McKenzie reached over the railing to snatch the ball away from McLemore. In a post-game interview immediately following the game, Mattingly said that the kid "made a great catch" when he was shown a replay of the theft. Also, Mattingly met and shook hands with the McKenzie in the bowels of Yankee Stadium the next day.     http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1916&dat=19930817&id=AQYhAAAAIBAJ&sjid=Z3YFAAAAIBAJ&pg=1607,2158095     In the photo, it states:   A GIFT: - Don Mattingly, left, shakes hands with Tim McKenzie at Yankee Stadium on Monday, prior to autographing the baseball that McKenzie is holding. The 16 year-old Durham, CT resident caught the ball over the railing, but Mattingly was given a home run in the Yankees' 1-0 win over the Orioles.   For his efforts, McDonald was credited with a complete-game loss, ceding that lone run in his 8 innings on the mound that afternoon.   o
    • The Orioles won't lose an affiliate. If Frederick or Delmarva was contracted Aberdeen would just be added. They will still have a Low-A, High-A, AA, and AAA teams. Only the New York Penn League was scheduled to go under which means they will just move one franchise to Aberdeen.
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