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2016 34th Round Pick - Lucas Brown - RHP - Troy University

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2012 Graduate of Allatoona High School in school in Acworth, GA. The same high school mys kids are currently attending.

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    • o   Zack Greinke will try for a reversal of fortune from Game One ........ Masahiro Tanaka will hope for more of the same.     (ALCS, Game Four) *****************     NEW YORK YANKEES Pending 田中 将大 - RHP )) (11-9, 4.45 ERA)   HOUSTON ASTROS Pending Donald Zachary Greinke - RHP )) (18-5, 2.93 ERA) ) *   * )) (10-4, 2.90 ERA) OOO [ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS] OOOOO (8-1, 3.02 ERA) OOO [HOUTON ASTROS]   https://www.baseballpress.com/lineups   o
    • Heard this little ditty tonight out of work.   Brand new.  
    • And tanking/not being good got them Harper, Strasburg, Rendon and a host of other talents.  Even if they win, it's a legit possibility that Rendon and Strasburg both depart via free agency, and without them, they've got a team that will hang a few games around .500, if they get the bullpen right. 
    • Yep, it's pretty clear what they are doing now. They're all in for this year which is a little weird, because I honestly don't think they are that great, but I guess this is the end of their run so might as well go for it!
    • That is where the accounting chicanery comes into play.  They still paying debt service on the money Angelos loaned the team?
    • I think this misrepresents the non-payroll expenses of the team.    Per Forbes, in 2018 the O’s had revenues of $251 mm, of which $42 mm were gate receipts.    The team reportedly had operating losses of $6.5 mm, and player expenses (salaries + benefits) of $161 mm.   So, that implies that other costs were $251 mm - $161 mm + $6.5 mm = $96.5 mm.    That’s more than paying trivial rent and a few coaches.      Extrapolating those numbers to this year, let’s assume non-gate revenue was flat, gate revenue was down proportionately to attendance (but it may have been worse), and player expenses were proportionate to payroll per BB-ref.   That leads to the following estimate:      Gate receipts $33.5 mm Other revenue: $209 mm Total revenue $242.5 mm Less: non-player expenses $96.5 mm Less: player expenses $94 mm  Net income:   $52.5 mm That’s probably too high, given that Elias has been investing in technology, infrastructure etc.   We’ll see what Forbes estimates next spring.     But certainly Elias had savings available to invest in other areas.
    • I am glad this OP was not around in the 1960s...1969-1971...average attendance was never even at 14,000 with the greatest teams of all time.  Guess what...still here.  I will love to look back on  this thread and some of these posts in three or four years when we are back in it.   And when we get back in it AND the Nats are a power team...maybe a true rivalry will exist and maybe even a Beltway Series.  A true rivalry will fire up new fans in both areas.  Either way, the Orioles are going nowhere. Not in 10 years, not in 15 years, not in 100 years.   No other location has Camden Yards, Babe Ruth’s birthplace, Cal, Frank, Brooks, Eddie, Earl and MLB is not going to leave this iconic ballpark and its tradition empty and abandoned to move to ummm Nashville...lol. My niece also is the agent now for Harbor East and other new downtown condos...they are as hot as anything in DC or anyplace else. 
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