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Orioles Come In At No. 6 In Stan 'The Fan' Charles' Latest MLB Power Rankings

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    • A sub .300 OBP guy with a sub .700 OPS that will have no value to anyone? They’d be better off trading for a near ready guy. I’d rather pay Mejia the minimum than give this guy anymore than that!
    • I would put not trading Britton, Manny and Brach after 2016 above all of these though.
    • As moronic as the Britton decision was, that team wasn’t all that great, so they don’t go far anyway. Manny could have made a huge difference.  Who knows?  McLouth homer could change the series but they still would have likely lost in the playoffs and probably that series.  
    • I take yellow, because that would have had positive ramifications for several years, whereas blue, which is second place, maybe gets us past KC (maybe, as w were swept) and maybe gives us a chance against the Giants in the WS.  Yellow for me.
    • Orioles did offer Cruz a contract, IIRC.  I believe they offered him a 3-year deal, which seemed reasonable considering his age.  It was a bit of a surprise that he got a 4-year deal from Seattle.  There really wasn't much of an outcry over the Orioles not going 4 years.  It seemed like a prudent decision at the time.
    • I understand.  I just think he was decent here in 1990 and decent in Houston in 1991, I'm not sure why he wasn't more highly regarded by both teams.  I agree he wasn't an obvious HoFer until his late 20s.   I think Finley was great.  An OF of Brady, Devo and Finley in the 90s would have been borderline elite defensively.  But he, too, really didn't kick into gear until his late 20s and early 30s.  And while I don't think he was ever named in the Mitchell report, it wouldn't have surprised me if he was using. Glenn Davis was very good, probably tied with Will Clark and Jack Clark as the preeminent slugging first baseman in the NL in the late 80s.   
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