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at. TWINS, 7/28

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Adam Jones, too.

It's basically a 4-A team, masquerading as a Major League one.

What's truly amazing is that such a team could somehow have the best record in the American League.

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It's like this team walks us through phases:

1. Amazing hitting, bad pitching, win games

2. Amazing hitting, decent/good pitching, win games

3. Slumping hitting, amazing pitching, win games

4. Slumping hitting, bad pitching, lose games

5. Still slumping hitting, terrible pitching, lose games

6. Good hitting, abysmal pitching, lose games

7. Repeat!

Each of the "phases" seems to last a few days at least.

There was a time a few weeks ago when it seemed like we would score double digits every game. Pitching is not relevant when you score that many runs.

Then, the last run or two through the rotation until Tillman's bad game had several great pitching performances in a row, which were enough to win despite lackluster offense.

Now it looks like the deep offensive slump continues while the pitching is also faltering. It's been that way for the last 3 games or so.

Would be nice to see the team be less streaky, but at least they've had more positive streaks than negative ones so far.

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Britton, O'Day,Brach,Schoop, etc.

I did leave off DOD, Brach, and Britton (obviously)

Schoop is good but probably never be an all star

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All 4A all stars.

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I do not think Schoop was an all star

DOD wasn't either. but that was because he was injured most of the year

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This team is maddening. Every opportunity and don't capitalize. We are gonna get embarrassed up in Toronto with the way this offense looks. [emoji1304]

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