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Wild card viewing gatherings outside of Baltimore area

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I thought there might be some interest in a thread where people could post where they'll be watching the wild card game outside of the Baltimore area.

In Louisville, KY, a bunch of us will get together at Shenaningans, 1611 Norris Place, in the Highlands. Our last major viewing party was Game 3 of the 2014 ALDS vs. Detroit... Time for another glorious win.

Of course on a weekday night, it might not be a huge crowd, but all Louisville and Kentuckiana O's fans will be most welcome.

Yo dog I live in Louisville. I'll try to make it.

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South Florida anyone? Before we get blown away by the latest hurricane?

It's not an Orioles gathering place, but at Duffy's Tavern in S. Miami (on Red Rd. about 8 min. drive north of the U. of Miami) there's a great bartender--Jimmy, originally from Brooklyn and son of the owner--who turns one of the TVs to the O's game whenever I go there no matter what everyone else is watching. He works T/W/Th nights and Fri/Sat afternoons. Plenty of parking behind the building. Good beer and food specials almost everyday.

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I was thinking about either Overtime in North Myrtle or Backyard at 17 and Lake Arrowhead Rd. And Backyard has some hot barmaids. But I think I'll just stay home and watch it here. Have a cold one and post in the Game thread.

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Working late can't make it go O's.

No worries. We'll catch you next time. I don't know about you, but I've lived in Louisville since 2002, and there's a strong contingent of O's fans up here. I meet new ones all the time through work, my kids' school or just in my neighborhood.

There will be a few of us tomorrow night at Shenaningans (along with at least one Jays fan, a good friend of mine with not many other faults...), hoping we'll have a chance for a larger gathering for a weekend game if we get past the wild card round.

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