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Doc, Day Three

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    • That's.... that's exactly what I'm saying. How are you not hearing yourself? He lost the job because he couldn't hit - like AT ALL - and the mounting pressure from all that not hitting was getting to be a strain on him and the organization. So they sent him down to work on that. Meanwhile, Elias doesn't want to - like you said yourself - go to McKenna or Hays. So they just throw whoever out there. If they weren't worried about Mullins' development they would have just kept him, but you can't keep a guy in the bigs with a broken swing. Wilkerson isn't any better defensively out there, that's obvious to see. But he could hit at least a LITTLE. And let's not forget Santander and Stewart got CF looks as well. 
    • I don't love LeBlanc, but at least it will probably prevent a Cashner reunion. 
    • Notice they haven't punished the Red Sox yet? I'm betting MLB and the Red Sox got together and canned Cora so they could try and do the slow fade on the Red Sox getting caught cheating again.
    • Certainly not by me, but I think it will probably be old news to the casual fans in a few years. The only think they could have done to make it stick was have them vacate the title, as impractical as that may have been. 
    • Fans were not super keen on Christian Walker, but he's a starter in Arizona now. I think Cedric Mullins has shown enough potential (a year removed from .289/.346/.472 in AAA and 21 SB at 23yo) to get the benefit of the doubt that he had a down year instead of being branded as hopeless. 
    • I think it was worse because he lost it to Wilkerson.  They decided that a utility infielder was a better choice for CF than Mullins.  They decision to not promote McKenna or Hays had more to do with their development than it did what was happening at the ML level. I'm not convinced they sent Mullins down to facilitate his development.  I think they looked at him, looked at Wilkerson, and wanted Wilkerson in CF.  I think they have written Mullins off as a prospect.
    • If he can throw and he isn't a waiver guy, maybe a team like Pittsburgh could use him. If he can't and is, maybe we can give his slot to Mason Williams. Slow day here. 
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