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3/2 v. New York Yankees

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    • Buck, Adam Jones, JJ Hardy and the other mainstays wanted one last shot because they knew a rebuild would take at least 4+ years and the clock on their baseball career was ticking.  I don't blame for trying in 2017, but by 2018 it was obvious that the Orioles had to rebuild. I don't think that is something you could have expected Buck, Duquette, Adam Jones and JJ Hardy to advocate for because they wanted to win now and not ride out a  multi-year rebuild.  Well Duquette might have been game for a rebuild, but it was time to go a new direction with the front office. 
    • I think that if you have two players that are playing at a similar level you go with the younger player.  I think that if you have an older player performing at a slightly higher level you go with the younger player.
    • I wish Trembley all the success in the world.   He’s a stand up guy.   Buck was a much better manager IMO.   
    • And I don’t mean, “I hope he’s traded.”   What are your expectations and hopes on the field? For his career, Santander is a .248/.290/.454 hitter.   Last year, he was at .241/.286/.433.   In his 37 game season in 2020, he was at .261/.315/.575.   The three projection systems published on BB-ref and Fangraphs to date project as follows: Marcel: .248/.299/.452 Steamer: .252/.301/.462 ZiPS: .259/.299/.463 All very much in the same ballpark, .751-.763 OPS, a tad above his career .744 mark.    I can’t really argue with those projections in terms of what I expect.  And of course, you have to assume there’s a significantly higher than average risk of him missing time with injury.   So, if he plays 110+ games with a .751-.763 OPS, I don’t think you can be disappointed with that.   But, on the other hand, if he gets lucky with his health, I think he could do considerably better.    I really think he was never 100% or close at any point last year, and that affected his offense and perhaps his defense even more so.   I think if he can stay pretty healthy (and I’m not talking about perfection here), it would be reasonable to hope for a .260/.305/.485 type campaign.   I don’t see him matching his .314 ISO from his short 2020 campaign, but he’s got enough power to manage a .225 ISO in my opinion.    So, I think the most likely scenario is a .750-.760 type season with a good chunk of missed time, but I’m hoping for a relatively healthy, .790ish campaign.   With far improved defense over 2021, when he really seemed slowed by his injuries in the OF.
    • Age issue?  He's gonna be a year late going into his first minor league season.  You think the Orioles are going to treat him differently because of age if he performs?
    • Buck just wanted to stay with his guys as long as he could. All managers want to win today, none want to risk their job status on a rebuild if they have a choice. Buck is no different in that regard. He had Angelos ear, which ended in some bad roster decisions.  
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