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Nice melody in this one. This song was written by Jen Cloher who is playing the acoustic in this vid.

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2 hours ago, OsEatAlEast said:

Completely unrelated, as I was going to put this in the game thread with Hess giving up so many dingers. But a nice coincidence that she has the same last name as the band.


Oil can guitar. That's a new one. Good sound tho. Sounds like one of those resonators? Dobro? One of these.


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The Stranglers, my guess c. 2005-2006 ish? Maybe earlier. Doing the ORIGINAL Gone In 60 Seconds thang.


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Watching a vid from my files that I probably can't find on youboob. Had this...


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    • They will settle for no less than Rendon, Cole and Strasburg out of Cashman. Or maybe a trade for Lindor. 
    • I find Girardi annoying, but I think he was a good manager.    I think Boone has done a good job as well.    Those poor Yankee fans will have to live with 7 playoff appearances, 3 division titles and 4 ALCS appearances over the last decade.     And 27 straight winning seasons.   
    • All Roch said was, “I’d expect another catcher to join the organization, even if for depth purposes.“ I think it’s a foregone conclusion that we’ll add a catcher or two before spring training.    It doesn’t mean that whoever they acquire will slot above the players you named.    That will be sorted out in spring training.   
    • I feel like there were several seasons in the last decade where Girardi got more wins out of that team than he should have.  I can't remember which years, but there were a few.  I felt like he managed every game as if it was Game 7 of the WS, using Betances in every single medium to high leverage situation.  Even in spite of their payroll, there were a few years where the on-paper talent wasn't quite up to their normal standards....yet they still won a lot of games.  I think no matter who is managing, the Yankees will always have their fair share of players who outperform their norms simply by putting on that uniform.  This year was a little more pronounced, but we have seen other sports teams over the years have very high payrolls and still land under .500 because things just don't work out.  I think the 2012 Red Sox lost 90+ games and then won the WS the next year.  The Yankees never finish under .500, no matter what.  That is pretty impressive.
    • Everyone was a fan of Severino when he put up an 818 OPS in the first half.
    • The Surprise Saguaros clinched the AFL West title over the weekend.    It appears likely they’ll face the Salt River Rafters on Saturday for the League title.    If Kremer pitches today, he’ll be available to start the championship game, though I’m not sure he’d be chosen.    
    • Thankfully it's a fantasy baseball site. 
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