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On Pandora Jimi is playing his version of Born Under A Bad Sign. Instrumental. I KNOW that' not on youboob!

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    • Glad you enjoyed it.Not free  for non 2020 Birdland  members but coats are a good thing to donate.  I am just not sure what it accomplished. No former or current players or minor leaguers  Elias making the same speech for the seventh time this year. Maybe cleared out some inventory from the Oriole store.   What is a DD card? 
    • Thanks for the research, very much appreciated. This might be explained earlier in the decade long post but are the totals based on time spent on the DL/IL or total games missed due to injury even if a IL stint wasn't required?  
    • 49ers lose a trap game a home vs. ATL, fall back again to #5 seed.  NE & KC keep pressure on Ravens.
    • I think just take best player available in the first two rounds.  We need another interior lineman at some point in the draft..   T The good thing is our picks the last 2 years seem to be mostly working out so we don't have a ton of holes.  If we lose Judon we will need someone to replace him.  
    • 2010-19 Totals BAL 6,040 (3,303 position players, 954 starting pitchers, 1,783 relief pitchers) BOS 8,386 (4,051 position players, 1,558 starting pitchers, 2,777 relief pitchers) NYY 8,969 (4,322 position players, 1,929 starting pitchers, 2,718 relief pitchers) TBR 6,270 (3,044 position players, 1,544 starting pitchers, 1,682 relief pitchers) TOR 7,051 (3,095 position players, 1,841 starting pitchers, 2,115 relief pitchers)   As you can see, the Orioles were the healthiest team in the division over the decade, and strikingly, their starting pitchers were by far the healthiest.    The Yankees were the least healthy, and so were their starting pitchers.   None of that made much difference.    There are a couple of things I wanted to mention.    First, there were far more injuries in the second half of the decade than the first.    All five teams had more in the second five years: BAL 3003/3037 BOS 3947/4439 NYY 3970/4999 TBR 2267/4003 TOR 3224/3827 I don't know why, but it's getting harder to stay healthy. Another thing I thought was interesting is that the two teams whose position players missed the least time are the two teams that play their home games on artificial turf.    I've often heard people say how terrible it is to play on artificial turf and how it causes more injuries, wear and tear, etc.     Ten years of evidence does not support that.   It's been interesting to follow all this over the last decade, but also a lot of work, and I've had about enough.    Bottom line, the Orioles have not been particularly injury-prone over the last decade; in fact, it's been quite the opposite.   2014, the year we won the division, was almost miraculously healthy even though we lost Wieters for most of the year and Manny for half of it.    Our entire pitching staff missed 68 games due to injury that year, and the offense missed only 208 games total.
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