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On Pandora Jimi is playing his version of Born Under A Bad Sign. Instrumental. I KNOW that' not on youboob!

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    • We just had two former 2nd rounders go, so I'm going with two former 1st rounders.  People are so down on Tate, I don't get it.  Ok, so he's not a SP, but he showed enough to be a solid reliever at the MLB level.  He also reached that MLB ceiling and showed that he could have success.  So no point in having A ball "relievers" ranked over him.   Sedlock had a big time bounce back year.  Over a SO an inning across two levels, while logging around 100 IP.  Next year will be a big year for him to see if he can be a SP.  Even if he's not, he's still likely got a solid chance at being a MR in the MLB.   Harvey, Tate, Sedlock, could be the core of our bullpen when we compete again.  
    • I don't agree with non-tendering Villar (and I don't think it will happen) but it's because I believe he has more value than $10M as a trade asset.  I have no problem non-tendering a guy you don't believe has value above the arb figure and replacing him with a 6 year minor league guy you believe might provide similar production. 
    • Having said all of this, I don't think we're full-on tanking. I am 100% in favor of keeping Villar and Mancini (I don't consider them to be investments, per se), and we could be far worse than we have been over the last 2 years if we really wanted to be. We're about as bad as you can be while being capable of getting 24-27 outs 162 times a year. 
    • You can be bad without tanking. Heck you can trade off expiring assets while being bad without tanking.  Yankees did it, worked out really well for them. Taking a team and tearing it down to a bare framework is not the only way to build a winner, even if you don't have unlimited payroll.  
    • I really don't consider there to be much difference between losing 94 and 104 games. Both teams are bad, and I'd imagine that at the start of a season that if Team A was projected for 104 losses and Team B was projected for 94 losses that Team B could easily finish with a worse record than Team A.  Also, the Cards and Giants are two of the best orgs in baseball. Hopefully we get to that level soon.
    • I'm sure they could.  If they had a desire to.  Neither side seems interested in that. BTW I'm not at all opposed to guys in AA and below needing to have jobs in the offseason.  I don't think someone in short season ball, for instance, should be making 32K just for playing rookie league ball.
    • I don't think your suggestion is quite the fix-all that you believe it to be. It doesn't eliminate this so-called incentive to lose.. you'd still have to be a bad team. It doesn't incentivize winning, imo. It would create a tank war between the last and next-to-last teams within most divisions for the last part of each season. It gives hope to many more teams of stealing that no. 1 overall pick.
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