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Was watching a car show, they were putting in the fuel system. "We'll put the regulator right there."



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On 10/19/2019 at 12:38 AM, scOtt said:

Watched it hundreds of times, especially Janis! Just an unbelievable performance. And the Airplane's Today. The whole film a dark and light silhouette of Gracie on the organ and singing harmony. Those two or ten.. others are many of my favorite videos of all time.

Got my vinyl at the ready, but the turntable hasn't worked in years. Besides, the internet is faster. :D

Shame about your turntable. 

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    • When I read something like this it makes me realize how lucky I am to have witnessed the things I have in my life time. I'm telling my age but I've seen many great accomplishments by the Orioles through the years. I saw Frank Robinson win the triple crown. I saw no-hitters by Tom Phoebus and Jim Palmer. I saw the team win 108 games one year and 109 games one year. I saw an Oriole pitcher win the Cy Young award six times in a 12 year span. I've seen some of the greatest fielders in the history of the game in Brooks Robinson, Mark Belanger, and Jim Palmer. I've seen six rookies of the year and five American League MVP's and the list goes on and on. I guess the only thing I haven't seen is a perfect game.
    • Preference list for pick #2- 1. Martin 2. Torkelson 3. Veen  4. Hancock 5. Gonzales 6. Lacy Torkelson and Martin are pretty close, but obviously the positional value is the clincher. Martin's power just hasn't taken that next step like you would hope for, and his pull happy approach gives me a little hesitation. Torkelson has zero questions with the bat.  Veen pushed himself into the top tier like I said he could, but unfortunately I think that means he doesn't have a chance to be picked by us to go underslot here and overslot on another pick. With the draft only getting 5 rounds, I think it means we have to go with a safer option from college and you don't lose much upside with the choices from college. To me Hancock is a much more complete pitcher than Lacy. Hancock more consistently throws above 95 with ease. Lacy's slider is slightly better than Hancock's, but Hancock's changeup is plus and Lacy doesn't even have a third pitch. Hancock's command is just a lot more refined than Lacy's, and his delivery just screams starter. Lacy's delivery is just more high effort. If I'm picking a college pitcher, a two pitch pitcher with effort in the delivery just scares me.
    • Turning to hitters: SAM BOWENS was also a 1964 rookie flash with his 22 homers and .263/.323/.453/.776, 114 OPS+. I rooted loyally for him during his remaining seasons, during which he batted above .200 only once: .210 on the '66 team.                      
    • Y'all forgotten Jim Hardin! 18-13, 2.51 ERA at age 24 for the '68 O's, his second ML season. Never won more than 6 after that. And 1964 RoY Wally Bunker: 19-5, 2.69 ERA. Both were plagued by sore arms.  
    • He was one of my favorite memories when I was able to go to Spring Training yearly from 2000 - 2005.  😰    
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