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vs. RED SOX, 5/03

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Just now, TINSTAAPP said:

The Orioles wouldn't have to worry about bringing up a pitcher like Bleier if DD hadn't traded away all of the young pitching prospects worth a crap (Eduardo Rodriguez, Josh Hader, Zach Davies, etc..),


Davies has a 6+ ERA, Hader hasn't busted past AAA yet, E Rod brought a key piece to making it to ALCS.

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56 minutes ago, Malike said:

Yeah, we just lost a guy with a 7.50 ERA who can't throw strikes. We're doomed.

What happened? 

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Just now, Dark Helmet said:

And like the rest, has flamed out since. His junk isn't going to cut it.

He got thrown into the 10th inning of a game 3 other pitchers blew, and a game we were getting blown out.

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    • 2021 midseason moves will probably be crazy.   The whiffing in the NYP suggests a conservative initial assignment, but also one where hopefully he's Barry Bonds grown man to the children he'll be playing with.  A good Stowers '21 I think pushes through three levels; two is making par, maybe.
    • From the underrated guitarist department...  
    • I saw Stowers multiple games with Aberdeen in Brooklyn in 2019.  He just glides across the OF in large strides (which makes it all the more impressive that Janvrin pushed Stowers to RF - which gave the Aberdeen pitchers two OFers who could track down everything that possibly could be tracked down).  As I posted at the time, we sat with Mark Dashbach's father and had to cheer for our three Stanford guys with him.   I hope what the Os saw with Stower's swing is fixable because there's a big hit risk here for a second rounder IMO.  This pick has the downside of the OF equivalent of a Cadyn Grenier.  It would be an enormous boost to our OFers at the bottom of the system if Stowers turns into the player the Os envisioned when drafted.
    • This is really good. Sideys from something I was listening. I saw Edgar, right near here in Chambersburg. Very excellent! Don't know what event that was, Ringo introducing.
    • That's a good way to look at it honestly. Stowers is certainly a projection guy with a decent ceiling, but he has a high risk profile on whether he can get there or not.
    • I would guess 162. I doubt we see full stadiums any time soon, but they should be able to play games and draw TV revenue now that testing is already set up and more is known about the disease. 
    • From Sportico: The World Series has been attended by close to 11,500 fans a game, but those numbers are not enough to offset revenue losses if that’s the maximum number attending games next season. Due to the surging pandemic in the U.S. and Canada, ballparks in New York and California would still be closed to fans in 2021 because of state health and safety rules. “I think the one thing we’ve learned is that COVID is a really unpredictable virus,” Manfred said. “We don’t know what’s next. But at this point it’s just impossible to speculate what next year’s going to look like. We’ll just have to get closer and then we’ll make the best decisions we can.” https://www.sportico.com/leagues/baseball/2020/mlb-debt-2020-manfred-1234615474/  
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