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Cubs blow it in extras

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3 minutes ago, Uli2001 said:

Chapman just blew a three-run lead in the bottom of the ninth. First place within reach.

Awesome jinx

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Just now, spiritof66 said:

A succession of horrible strike calls by Joe West against both teams has helped keep the score 4-4 through 12 innings.

Could fans go on strike, or something, until electronic ball and strikes is allowed?

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28 minutes ago, spiritof66 said:

A succession of horrible strike calls by Joe West against both teams has helped keep the score 4-4 through 12 innings.

Ha, I had the same thought.  At least the Yankees bullpen is getting used up.  Maybe they will be forced to put in someone from the starting rotation. 

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    • This is actually incorrect. As of now, there is no DH in the NL in 2021, so he wouldn’t have a ton of value to teams over there.  If NL teams knew the DH was happening for them in 2021, maybe they would have found a suitor. And we don’t know that someone won’t pay him 1-2M in 2021.  We just know that no one was willing to trade for him and pay him that money.  Big difference. In any case, he’s not expensive.  The average MLB salary in 2020 was almost 4.5M.  He would have been paid well under that number.  In fact, with MLB minimum salary close to 600k, he will get paid much closer to the minimum salary than the average salary.  So no, he’s not expensive at all.
    • Honestly, I think Kramer is the best bet.I don’t think taking a player like Diaz or a player like Santana who hasn’t played above Short season A.    Being forced to keep Davis again leaves the Os short already and taking another player who’s not ready and will likely struggle mightily at the plate doesn’t make sense.    According to MLB.com Santana ranks 45/45/45 in run field and arm. He over performed with the bat early but hit .267 /.337 /.329 in 2019. I can’t see how he would stick. As for Diaz,  he hit .264/.307/.430 ....He’d likely be worse than Ruiz.  
    • We  have seen this before.   Elias claims a guy and then passes him through waivers.   Or attempts to.   Shaw is no different from Hector Velazquez, Urena, Hanhold, or  Diplan,  He tried to do the same with Alberto but he got claimed and Elias had to reclaim him.    Shaw is cheap, has an option so adds organization flexibility and could be recalled as a DH if the O's have a bunch of injuries.   I don't think he stays on the major league roster just like these other waiver claims.  Nunez is a guy Elias had to make a call on whether he fit with all the other players that have more potential to hit and play better defense.  Was he worth the money and the roster spot?  Elias decided he was not.  The O's would not have the at bats available for him to be productive.
    • Well, all 30 Major League Baseball front offices agreed with the notion that he was too expensive at his likely arbitration pricetag for the minimal value he offers, so...
    • I don't think the decision to let Nunez go is related to this flyer at all.  This is merely a low-cost, no-risk flyer IMO.  Nunez was gone before Elias even knew Shaw would be placed on waivers by the Giants, so there is no reason to think the plan was to release Nunez and replace him in the lineup with Shaw.  As you said, Shaw is left-handed, has an option, and is cheap.  I don't think it is any more complicated than that.   There's a good chance IMO that, as other moves are made, Shaw ends up DFA and we try to pass him thru waivers and outright him to Norfolk.
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