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6 hours ago, eddie83 said:

Is it just you 3? Obviously you will get one. I know you don't want to do this but you could buy a cheap ticket and have someone enter and then exit and give you the bobblehead. 

I can't go to this game- medical reasons.  What I plan to do is wait a couple of days. I should be able to get one on Ebay.

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8 hours ago, pocketRIPKENS said:

Why on earth would they only give to ages 15 and over? Taking my two girls (age 9&7) tonight and now they are going to be devastated. This is ass backwards. Thanks a lot Orioles for crushing their dreams. 

Seems like they should be given to all ages that want them. Given out as long as they last.


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Maybe not the same as getting it in stadium, but possibly an opportunity for dad to be a hero: eBay Seller

The guy is missing the boxes due to the rain apparently, but if it's just a fun opportunity for your girls to get a bobblehead, might be worth it. You can just use the one you received as your collector version, if you're into that sort of thing. 

I'm citing this particular seller because of their price. Obviously, shop around, but that price simply because the box was ruined is not a bad deal. 

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I'm not sure if it was the weather, or the opponent, or the fact that it was a holiday weekend where people typically go to the beach, but yesterdays game was one of the least attended bobblehead giveaway games I can ever recall. There were still giving them out at the gates after the one hour rain delay.

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17 hours ago, Nevermore said:

I can't go to this game- medical reasons.  What I plan to do is wait a couple of days. I should be able to get one on Ebay.

Sorry to hear that for you. Get better. 

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