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BP Midseason Top 50

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1 hour ago, Frobby said:

Stewart's offense is OK, nothing spectacular.     From what little I saw in spring training, and a few episodic reports from the minors, I have the impression that he's a below average defensive LF.     Overall, he probably makes it to the majors, but I don't see him as a major league regular.   

Stewart is an enigma because he'll have a nice at bat where he takes an outside pitch and goes the other way, then has an AB where he swings from his heels and rolls over on the same pitch. He's below average in the outfield and struggles on balls hit right at him and his routes can be erratic. He doesn't have a huge platoon split so that's helpful for him, but I don't see him doing anything consistently well enough to be come a full time player. Maybe a 4th outfielder/DH type.

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2 minutes ago, oceanicvoyage said:

Am I reading the Baseball America Midseason Top 100 right?

Sisco at 29. Hays at 99. No Mountcastle.

I look forward to many more pages of heated discussions. Probably will get its own thread though.

The discussion was based off Baseball Prospectus' list, not BAs. BA traditionally sticks hard on their rankings which is why you don't see Sisco coming down as much. 

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On July 6, 2017 at 4:29 PM, ChuckS said:

I think Mountcastle will end up ahead of Hays on most national lists based on age and power potential.  He was also a first round (supplemental) pick where as Hays was a third rounder who has pretty much come out of nowhere this season.  

I keep going back and forth on who I like better.  

I think what's being undersold some here is Mountcastle's athletic ability and potential to be an average or better than average defender at LF or 1B.  If Mountcastle was already at one of these positions playing good defense I don't think there would be a question of who the better prospect is. 

Hays was a top 50 draft prospect according to BA last May, they had Mountcastle outside of the top 100 prior to the draft. 

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