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This is big

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A lot of heads will roll.   I doubt Rick Pitino will ever coach another game.

This isn't an NCAA investigation that can be stalled and weakened by Tarheel stonewalling.   This is the FBI, with hard evidences, wiretaps based on warrants, and arrests.   And the way the FBI always operates is they get the small fry to give up the bigger fish.   The assistant coach who paid the strippers took the fall (and I imagine he gets a Christmas card from Pitino every year with some very nice bills stuck in it).   But with jail time on the line, the little guys aren't going to go down alone here.


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3 minutes ago, birdwatcher55 said:

just saw this..I'm floored but I know I shouldn't be.

I'm mildly surprised stuff of this ilk doesn't happen more often (or maybe they just don't get caught).

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The only things that should shock you are:


1. that it looks like the government is FINALLY doing something about this.

2. that it looks like it only covers basketball (for now).


It's amazing how open schools have been about stuff like this and nothing has happened.  It seems like every year, there's at least one big name school that either gets in trouble or has major rumors floating around them.


- Reggie Bush's family was living in a multi-million dollar home near the school when he was at USC.  He was also sued by a sports agent for not repaying $290,000 in "gifts" he and his family had received.


- UNC got in trouble for having pamphlets in their student-athlete center basically telling them what classes to take to pass.  They were basically all classes that were either easy A's or classes that didn't even exist.  One of the "teachers" on campus was listed as being the instructor for over a hundred or so classes; none of which actually existed.  Basically just a free grade for you GPA.  Also, the "teacher" in question was a booster.  Mind you, this first came out in 2010, the school did an "internal investigation" in 2011, N. Carolina governor Jim Martin had an investigation done in 2012 ... but the NCAA is just now doing it's own investigation in 2017.


- the Louisville scandal involving Katina Powell.  She was a madam who was paid to provide women to dance for and have sex w/ players and recruits.  The school was literally just sanctioned for this in June. lol


-  Nevin Shapiro, a former Miami booster, admitted that he had provided massive amounts of improper benefits to Miami players and coaches.


Tony would literally have to create an entirely new sub-forum just to discuss all of the absurd and shady things that happen in college sports.  I'm sure UMD isn't immune to this either.  Think about the success the men's basketball program has had since Gary Williams "retired" and remember that one of the biggest things people didn't like about Gary was that he wouldn't "play the recruiting game" w/ a lot of the higher profile incoming freshmen.

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Both Rick Pitino and A.D. Tom Jurich have 'effectively' fired at Louisville.



Interim University President Gregory Postel said Wednesday that both Pitino and Jurich have been placed on “unpaid administrative leave” pending further review. But sources tell Yahoo Sports that both men interpreted their meetings today with university officials as a de facto termination and do not expect to be retained at the resolution of the situation.

Postel also stated an unnamed student athlete has been withheld from “all NCAA activity.” It’s presumed that athlete is five-star prospect Brian Bowen, who unexpectedly committed to Louisville late last spring.


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2 hours ago, birdwatcher55 said:

You have to wonder how far reaching will this investigation go? Will it be Mueller-like?

Hearing Alabama and Miami also involved, and that subpeonas have been served at Nike headquarters and records and computers confiscated.

So we're one day in since this went public and now 7 schools have been implicated in one way or another, and two major shoe companies.

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9 hours ago, birdwatcher55 said:

You have to wonder why this didn't happen years ago.

The FBI kind of stumbled into it.   It began with a "financial advisor" with athlete and some non-athlete clients being busted by the Securities and Exchange Commision for appropriating money illegally from clients, and paying it back with money from other clients in a Ponzi scheme type thing.

The FBI got involved and started following him and he turned and gave them (at least the start of) what they have now.

So it's not like someone woke up at the FBI and said "hey, it's time we look into college basketball corruption", let's start with these schools.

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Urban Meyer, tossing stones.

Apparently, he is confidant that his own house(es) is/are not made of glass.


Meyer on NCAA Basketball Scandal: ‘If You Lie, You can Never Coach Again’

(By Bill Rabinowitz)





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