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47 Years Ago Today ...... Marshall Team Plane Crashes

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On this date in 1970, the team plane for the Marshall University Football team crashed, killing all on board. All but 3 members of the team (who for various reasons, did not make the trip) perished in the crash. 

In addition to the 37 players who died on that plane, 8 coaches (including the school's athletic director), 25 boosters, and 5 crew members were all killed.


This article is from 14 years ago (2003.)


Marshall Football: From Tragedy to Triumph

(By Lou Sahadi)




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    • Meeting Joe in the spring of 84, as well as attending an O's/Red Wings exhibition game in Rochester that same spring, made me an Orioles fan for life. I can't overstate how amazing it was for a rural Upstate NY kid to get to meet guys he only knew through baseball cards, or via watching them win the Series on TV 8 months prior. Joe was a great guy. RIP.   
    • Fair enough on the 2nd point, but we disagree on the first. He developed well enough to be a stud at Oregon, but there's no evidence to go on that he is a stud in pro ball yet. I think we agree he has an excellent chance at being one! I just want to see it.  
    • I didn't get why Akin was graduated, and Harvey not when Cot's has Harvey with more service time, but small beer - Akin and Kremer feel similar as many full seasons of minor league polish types where now we see if they can make it 25 turns in the Show. McKenna and Stowers getting 45-tiered with Kremer/Baumann above 40+ Jahmai and just plain 40 Lowther/Diaz was noticeable. Longenhagen's write-ups suggest 3B Gunnar (too big) and 2B Westburg (arm) already off SS Island so if it falls that way you can see the whole Late 2022 lineup save SS if guys develop well (letting Gunnar hype flow a little there). Sorting the table by Age, it was new to me how ancient Tyler Wells and Ashton Goudeau are, 26.5 and 28.6 by Opening Day respectively.
    • His development mostly happened at Oregon State. I think calling him (or most athletes) naturals do them a disservice.  I'm sure he's put a lot of work into being a "natural at everything".
    • I think that characterization is a little misleading. What does that mean, really? Is it that he projects to an average major league CF with speed? I would take that. 
    • And from everything I've heard or read about him, he was a first class person as well as a great baseball man. 
    • You're definitely not the only one. Barely played in 2019, got mono. No season all of last year. Delayed season in 2021. His development is really behind, IMO. Luckily he's supposed to be a natural at everything, but we simply haven't seen him play pro ball for anything but an extremely miniscule amount of time.  He needs to play a ton, and he needs to hit. Kind of tired of reading about his receiving, his maturity, his ability to work with pitchers, etc. Those are great but not why he was a #1 pick. I want to see him hit the cover off of the ball with regularity. 
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