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Cobb to Orioles (Confirmed by Roch Kubatko)

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1 minute ago, brooksfrankjim said:

Cashner and Cobb are huge upgrades over Miley and Ubaldo.  I’m not ready to print playoff tickets but this year has gotten a lot more interesting.  Let’s have some fun.


3yrs 50 mil seems steep though. Hopefully its 3yrs with an option for a 4th year that pushes it to 50mil. 

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    • I don't think the team is going to be sold.  I think they are latched onto this franchise like an engorged tick.
    • Why did Toronto give Semien 18 million for one year? Can someone explain to me why this is not an overpay? Do they think they're going to win the WS in 2021? .747 career OPS .679 OPS in 2020 Career 105 OPS+   I know he balled out in 2019, but I'm struggling to make sense of that deal.
    • As far as not  spending because of a possible sale........A winning team is worth more than a losing one.  As players like Rutschman, Rodriguez, DL  Hall, Henderson, Westburg, Kjerstad, Bauman, Lowther, Diaz graduate to the majors putting the FA around then on short term contracts to make the team win adds value.   The rebuild is in motion.   Seem logical to me that the O's ownership does what is necessary to make them win when at the right time.
    • This is probably question for Frobby but didn't the Orioles put money in escrow prior to the court ruling? Here is what a quick google search shows:  99m in Escrow. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/bs-sp-masn-orioles-nationals-20191125-jw64tzklg5hjdbunvt2tmhjlz4-story.html
    • How come teams couldn't do that effectively during the regular season? If it were just that easy to beat Lamar, why does he have 25 regular season wins the last two years? I get his struggles in the passing game and he needs to improve, but Jackson's accuracy fell off a bit this year on those shorter passes and I think we all agree he doesn't have a great supporting cast at wide receiver. Jackson can throw the deep ball when he has time and can set his feet, and we all know he he's not just another running QB, but the best running QB ever which is whole other dimension to his game that NO ONE has, even other good "running" QBs. As I said before, I'm ok with giving him another year to see if he can improve, and with the cap situation, it might be the perfect year to hold off on an extension so they can give him some help next season on the outside.  Saying that, I do think this team could be a Super Bowl contender with Jackson at QB regardless of his playoff failures. Give him some actual playmakers to throw to, and better passing scheme and I think he could be fantastic once again.  BTW, no one can look at the Ravens personnel against the Chiefs and think they really were a better team regardless of how Jackson plays. Mahomes is the best QB in the league right now and his weapons are head and shoulders above what Lamar has.  
    • If you are talking about the lawsuits yes, they were collecting it.  They haven't been allowed to spend the disputed money.
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