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6/19 v. Astros: Get your brooms out.

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Well at least on this one it's not like anyone says it right anyway. Most people call him "Pon-sone" but it's really "Pon-sun". Sidney let it go on because he didn't care.

Really? That reminds me of the old football coach when I went to high school. Coach Rigot. Everybody pronounced it "rig-it." My senior year for some reason we got in to a conversation during a class and he said his name was actually pronounced "rig-o," that it was French but he stopped trying to correct people after the first year or so.

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Damnit Sarfate, Sherril shouldn't even be warming, but you can't find the strike zone, and now you can't throw it to second.

Edit, not that Cintron is any less to blame, he shoulda scooped that.

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Ugh! Cintron's gotta catch that! :angryfire:

Why can't we have a SS that can hit and field? :cussing:

However, that play might have gone easier if Sarfate had let it go by him so BRob could field it... or if he hadn't made a low throw.

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