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So I stopped wearing my Orioles ballcap.

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On 5/6/2018 at 2:53 PM, OFFNY said:



When I was in graduate school at Lehman College (in the Bronx) in the Fall of 2009, one of the advisors (Yankee fan) told me that it must be embarrassing to be wearing the Orioles gear like I was doing. I told him that it's easy to wear your team's gear and wave the flag when they are doing well, but that a team REALLY NEEDS YOU  when the chips are down, like they were at that time (2009), and like they are now in 2018. A woman who was in the room looked at the two of us, motioned towards me and said, "I want HIM on my side." Unbeknownst to me, she happened to be my professor for the class that I was about to start in the upcoming semester. 


And thankfully, I have eternal visual proof that I support my team(s) through thick and thin, as the dated photo below (from September of 2009) shows. 




At Fenway Park




The D-Rays just sustained their 3rd-worst loss in franchise history (1998-Present.)

In 2003, they lost a game by 18 runs to the Red Sox.




In 2007, they lost a game by 17 runs to the Yankees.




Today, they lost to the Orioles by 16 runs.





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    • His option wasn't picked up yet AFAIK. The option amount is fairly high for QBs, something like 24 million.  2022 would be the option year so you could scrap the option year for some cap savings in 2022 and 2023.  2024 would probably be full price against the cap and 2025/2026 would be a cut/restructure year depending on how long the deal is/how you structure it.
    • But you aren’t signing him until you get past the 2 years.  So, his first year would be 2023.  He isn’t sign a 2-3 year deal.  He is signing 4+.  
    • I'd like to see them expand the number of games in the GCL. Perhaps make it a May - Sep League.
    • Are the two choices monster extension and no extension?  Because if you put a gun to my head and make me pick between the two I'd go for no extension.   But if he's open to a shorter extension (similar to deshaun watson,  maybe 5 years on paper with 4 years effective length) then I'm definitely listening.  I have no problem signing him through the years that would take him to his 2 tag years,  especially if it gets us some cap savings.
    • I would think a lot of teams would want to double up on the GCL this year in view of the lost MiL season last year.    So, we’ll have to see if the GCL can accommodate that.  
    • Yep, you're right, I do now remember reading that Elias said he would like to have two GCL teams when discussing losing a current team. Unless I missed it though, I haven't heard it officially yet though. Guess I can check.
    • I already said why it’s foolish in several different posts. 1). There’s no hurry 2). He hasn’t shown to be good enough  3) I want to see how he does with better weapons and a better system To name a few... As I have said, this version of Lamar is not worth a monster extension.  I just can’t fathom how anyone can believe that to be the case unless your goal is to not win titles.     I think he can become the player who is worth the extension but he has to show it first.  I’m not going to just assume that he will be that guy. BtW, your reasoning was why you sign him to that extension instead of franchising him.  I’m not saying I am for franchising him(and you have TWO more seasons before you have to think about doing this anyway), I am saying that because you have that in your back pocket, there isn’t an immediate hurry to sign him.  You have him under your control for a while.  So, make him prove that he is worth that extension.
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