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Greg Pappas

Machado Trade Expectations

Machado Trade Expectations  

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  1. 1. Regarding the return we receive, what are your expectations of whatever Machado trade takes place?

    • The return will be outstanding.
    • The return will be solid.
    • The return will be merely decent.
    • The return will be poor.
    • The return will be just terrible.
    • I expect we will not trade him at all, getting only a compensation pick in next year's draft.

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3 hours ago, Hank Scorpio said:

Depends on your perspective. 

The Orioles have dodged many bad contracts by being HYPER thorough on their medicals.


3 hours ago, GoDodgers said:

damn, the Orioles' reputation is that bad??


3 hours ago, orioles119 said:

Does every writer have to take shots at the organization?  I guess the tweets from Olney were just smoke up in the rear.

I'm always amazed when fans think national journalist have some kind of vendetta against the Orioles organization. they are reporting what they hear from people in other organizations and agents. They are near unanimous in that the rest of baseball feels the Orioles are dysfunctional, or at the very least, hard to work deals with for various reasons that have been well documented.

As long as the Orioles function the way they do with no clear lines of authority up through ownership, this will continue to be how they are perceived.

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3 hours ago, Hallas said:

There are quite a few public and well-reported incidents involving the Orioles and failed physicals.  For the most part, the Orioles have been right.  But between the club sucking for 15 years, and teams/players having self-serving reasons for discrediting the Orioles physical process, the narrative has been that the O's are a cluster**** and the physicals are just one example of that.  In some aspects, it's not far from the truth, but I would probably argue that for physicals, that's their prerogative, especially given that they've been right.

Perception, whether completely true, partially true, or based on old information, can be more powerful than the current situation.

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