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Epic Fail

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Thanks for pulling this together. It does help us see how widespread the "unluckiness" is with our squad.

I caution against comparing percentages, however. Example: Davis is at -42% and Brach is right behind at -38%. However using a broader metric, Davis is at -1.8 WAR and Brach is at 0.5. Brach is still quite useful, whereas Davis is not.

Adam Dunn's -3.0 WAR in 496 PA in 2011 would seem to be our "target" for record-breaking non-achievement. Finally, a reason to watch the games!

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Very good chart.
I'm not so worried about the guys who are under 10% of their career norms.  Few players perform at the same level month after month, some are first-half or second-half performers, so there's still time to improve.  Having said that, Buck is clearly frustrated with the seriously underperforming guys on the roster, of which there are several.


Manager Buck Showalter, a longtime advocate of trusting players who have had success, said Saturday that “it’s only so long you can talk about track records. You seek your level, but your level’s got to get better than what we’re doing.”


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1 hour ago, JR Oriole said:

Do those career numbers INCLUDE 2018?  If so, then that actually makes things even worse for the "underperformers."   


That's right. Also I agree the ERA+ and OPS+ figures would be more accurate. And I would be curious about the PECOTA comps...

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    • https://www.mlb.com/video/hays-great-dive-in-9th
    • Lets look at both Santander and Nunez offensively at 26 years old Season WOBA WOBACON Barrel % Hard Hit % Exit Velo XBA XSLG XWOBA XWOBACON Renato Nunez .341 .453 12.1 36.4 86.3 .228 .433 .301 .388 Anthony Santander .358 .404 10.2 36.7 88.6 .286 .510 .338 .378 MLB AVG .317 .370 6.4 34.9 88.3 .250 .414 .321 .376 They are not significantly different though Santander is ahead in the most important OBA and especially XWOBA categories.  The key here is defensively value and cost. Santander is a switch hitting plus defensive RFer while Nunez is a DH. If Nunez played any position effectively, he'd be offered arbitration. Santander's issues have been staying healthy and he doesn't walk much, but then again, he doesn't strike out all that much either. Overall, Santander is a more valuable player than Nunez and this is coming from a guy who think Nunez is worth more than obviously the rest of baseball does.
    • Late to this thread but here's mine. Santander I don't expect any more than he gave us this year before he got hurt. But that's ok. A whole healthy year, that's a solid MLer. Hays... health is the biggest question. Total wrench in the gears. In a full year I would expect BIG things from him. He's not going to hit 30 HRs, but he might hit 30+ doubles and steal 30 bases. Play a stellar CF. I like Austin a lot! For a CFer he's what you want, a take charge guy. If there's a Bermuda Triangle pop up, and he can get to it, he will scream out and call everyone off. I noticed that from his first few games up. Not intimidated when he hit the bigs.
    • The original recording has a girl speaking Spanish in the background in a sexy voice. Like 40% the volume of Burdon. At one point she says in English "Are you listening to this?" Right after 3 minutes in. This 45... on the MGM label!  
    • YouTube came up with another of my favorites. That I have history with. 40 years ago my sisters and my cousins would listen to this 45 record endlessly! I was blown away by this song at 11 or 12 years old. Then 20ish years ago I found this live video online and was blown away a second time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i0DMbCKnAg click it
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    • Then what makes you think another team would give us value for him?
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