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Chavez Ravine

RIP Jonathan Gold

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He was the first food critic to win the Pulitzer Prize, but more importantly he taught Angelenos to appreciate how amazing their city was, and the rest of the world that in LA the most sublime food is often found in a strip mall.

When I moved to LA, reading his articles was like getting insights from a cooler, more informed soulmate.  I used to drive from one end of Pico Blvd. to the other, utterly transfixed by the diversity of life.  But Gold took it several orders of magnitude beyond me, eating at every restaurant along Pico, and writing a poetic homage to the city along the way. 

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On 7/22/2018 at 10:03 AM, sakata_catching said:

He was a great — and influential — food critic.

Naturally, lesser talents ripped him off.

Hey Sakata! Haven't seen you around for a while.

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    • In a regular 162-game season, I often observe that our posters who tend to rely heavily on the metrics (for their determination on whether to be optimistic about the team) will wait til at least half the season is gone before they start to draw any conclusions about how the team is doing. Sometimes they'll make an earlier call if the team starts out extremely bad or good out of the gate, but usually they reserve judgment for as long as possible. To these folks, the entire season will be a "SSS". On top of that, we're making history here -- there has never been a 60 game season in the modern era. There have been a large number of rule changes in recent years, starting with challenges and video review, and culminating in the leadoff guy on 2nd in extras. We can only guess how all these factors will come together to change the dynamics of the game, and even after the season's over, the conclusions we draw will not be well-substantiated due to the relative lack of data that a mere 60 games can provide. For the folks who refuse to get excited until there's a statistically significant track record to suggest that we have something special, they may spend this entire season just shrugging their shoulders, then blink and notice that it's over (or that the O's are in the expanded postseason). To them I say: that's their right. I don't care. But I'm excited, and hopeful that this ragtag crew will be something special in 2020. I don't care if Sulser or Severino isn't part of the solution in 2022 or 2025. I'm fine with Elias continuing to make moves with the assumption that we are in rebuild mode. I'm fine with folks not even caring about this season because it's weird, and because the confluence of factors that made this season what it is probably won't happen again.  I'm just living in the moment, taking it day by day, and enjoying our baseball team's success right now. Someone's gotta root for these guys!
    • They’re winning games that bad teams usually don’t. 
    • It's fun to watch when they play good, fundamental baseball.  Of course I want them to make the playoffs, but I'm just happy to have an enjoyable baseball game to watch every night.
    • 6 INN.  9K's.  0 Runs tonight.  At 92 pitches, I'm guessing he doesn't come out for the 7th.  I've watched his last two starts and there doesn't seem to be any trace of the power pitcher he was once destined to be.  None.  Sure is getting good results with his breaking stuff though.
    • o   Tonight's game ........tonight's game would have been the quintessential example of that scenario coming to fruition. Could you imagine if the Orioles are 11-9 after 20 games, and then they had a game play out PRECISELY like tonight's game did ??? Elias would have been continually picking the telephone up and hanging back up again every few minutes over the final 4 innings of the game.   o
    • Girardi looks like he has the Phillies playing some fundamentally sound baseball.
    • 8-1 in scheduled games.  Damn Marlins screwed it up and made us 0-6 in make ups.
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