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Orioles Deal Gausman/O'Day to Braves - Schoop to Brewers

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1 minute ago, spiritof66 said:

Does this sound like the work of a guy making the first trade(s) of his career?  Rhetorical question.

I can't tell you the answer to that because we don't know how much Brady has been involved in trades over the last 2 years. Or even if they're working collaboratively on this. 

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I very much doubt you're getting 3 years of a guys who has been a 3.5win player the last two years for schoop who has fewer  years of control and isn't really any better. That's asking the Brewers to throw away value for nothing.

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    • I used to see Metallica's guitar tech (a British guy) over near Chapel Hill NC where some guys race go-karts for fun. It's way out in the woods on a red clay home-made track. About half the people who race are either guitarists or recording engineers. I haven't been in awhile. I was not particularly good at go-kart racing. I got lapped a good bit!
    • There used to be a good record shop at Fell's Point, but it's been a long time since I was in there. I live in NC, so I'm not always record shopping when I'm in town. I did find a great book on the band Big Star while in there once. 
    • Recent NBA picks don't matter that much to an incoming coach.  They're attributed to the coach that they worked under, not the school IMO.   Texas Tech... their athletic budget is 2/3 of Maryland's and theyre in the red according to publicly available data.  Compare that to Maryland, 5 million in the black. They cannot outbid Maryland and don't have as many built in recruiting advantages.  And they've already proven that they can't necessarily keep a successful coach, or replace said departure with a splashy hire.   FSU... ehh.  It's a football school, they have older facilities, a $30 million deficit in the athletic department, and if Hamilton leaves/retires I really don't think they're beating Maryland for a job.  I 100% agree that they have been more successful recently.  But no championships, and their only f4 was in the 70s.  Not exactly a powerhouse history.   And as I said, other analysts like Jeff Goodman, Rob dauster, John Fanta, Matt Norlander, Jon Rothstein have gone on record saying his is anywhere from a top-15 to top-25 HC position.  And those guys are not affiliated with Maryland.   Edit to add:  how many years of suck does it take for a school to drop off the face of the earth?  Indiana and UCLA haven't, and Indiana especially has been a hot mess for God knows how long.  The potential matters a lot. And I agree that Maryland fans are a bit delusional at times, but that (possibly delusional) expectation of greatness is also part of what drives the potential of the school.  And that potential is proven, not hypothetical.
    • Now is a good time to start this discussion. Heading into this season, what players have value or the potential to create trade value? It's obvious we probably have another year or two of selling a couple pieces. Below is my best guess as to who Elias would be willing to move for the right price. Cedric Mullins - Has a high price tag obviously. However, we know this year is a wash competitively, could be better next year, but most likely not play off bound. That would leave Mullins here for 24 and 25 to realistically compete for the playoffs. If we can get back multiple pieces in a trade now that could help us compete by that time AND can be controlled several years beyond, it's worth listening. Will he cheaper in the meantime as you avoid Mullins arbitration years. Good sell high candidate too John Means - Same as above. Plus Means is a bit older, probably at peak value especially if he had a good start to 2022. If you had a solid return on both Means and Mullins, it could infuse the upcoming wave of talent that could make us competitive for years Trey Mancini - Best case scenario, he looks like 2019 Trey and we swing him at the deadline for a solid prospect or 2.  If he plays like he did last year, you might get a Andrew Cashner type return Austin Hays - He's currently not on the block, nor should he be, but by chance he has a blow up season like Mullins did last year, then he would share the same circumstances in regards to service time as Mullins. We'll see if we cross that bridge Cole Sulser - He was good last year. He's controllable but a tad older than the Youth movement coming, so probably reaching peak value this year Anthony Santander- Already on 4th service year. Has shown flashes of what he could be. If he stays healthy and breaks out, he could fetch a really good return. This would be the year of peak value IF he performs. Tanner Scott - Seems to always be on the cusp of a break out. If he can harness the fb and slider a little more, some will want the LHP at the deadline Paul Fry- Depends on which Paul Fry shows up to camp. He could have been traded last year but Elias didn't like the return. He'll probably take it this year Dillon Tate - No rush to trade, but saw his name come up last year. Needs to get better, and if he does, he might be worth trading as he has similar arbitration status as Mullins and Hays Roughned Odor - If by chance he figures it out and hits a bunch of fingers, he'd be a trade deadline guy, but that was our hope for Maikel Franco Jordan Lyles- Apparently there's a pretty strong market for 5.00 era innings eaters. Another potential trade deadline guy, ala Cashner  Jorge Lopez - They paid a decent penny to bring back the inconsistent starter. If he thrives in a relief role, now would be a good time to trade the soon to be 29 year old in his fourth year of service  DJ Stewart - It's a now or never year for Stewart. He probably has a better chance of getting cut than traded as it stands.  Seems to have the OBP tool, has to hit now. If he can be an .800 OPS OF/DH, he essentially becomes a poor man's Kyle Schwarber. At 28, he'd be a peak value should he perform.          
    • Well, agree to disagree.  
    • The ACC that everyone loved is dead.  The old 9 team conference with true round-robin died long before Maryland left.  The ACC thought so much of Maryland that they decided Pitt was going to be its natural rival and wasn't going to ensure any annual home and homes with UNC, Duke, State, UVA, etc..  It was the last straw from a conference that never cared about Maryland. The move to the Big Ten has been great from an academic sense (look at the expansion of the engineering program), and the basketball has been fine (I'd argue that the BIG 10 has been deeper consistently than the ACC since Maryland left).    
    • I can't be the only one that thinks 6-9 is a black hole
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