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Bruce Cunningham talks about the Orioles for 15 minutes

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5 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

The funniest part is your absolute love of Adam Jones but your absolute disdain for everything else Orioles. lol

I'm not negative towards Jones. I'm pointing out things I've seen from the guy. I don't dislike Jones and appreciate his longevity as an Oriole and believe he's an Orioles HoFamer.

 Saying that, nothing I've said is untrue. 

Disdain for everything else Orioles?  I said I was sad when Gausman and Britton were traded.   Still miss Markakis and Wieters.  

 I do have disdain for the way the Orioles are run.  Not having one person in charge and putting zero of the management responsible for the worst season in franchise history to task, disdain seems normal response. I never liked Davis as I don't like guys who try to get a home run at every at bat and every pitch no matter what the situation while hitting to a low average.  And I don't like seeing guys who are absolutely terrible at fielding their positions like Mancini, Trumbo and Valencia. 

Also you are trying to find fault for Jones behavior. It is his decision he signed a long extension and acquired the rights to have no trade rights.  He seems to be a great member of the community and I applaud him for wanting to be with his family.  He said he had no problem going to play right field and wanted the team to bring Mullins up.  

As much as I dislike Davis I find it comical when people suggest he just retire and leave his contract money on the table.  I would never suggest that.  The Orioles agreed to that contract and a lot of people on here were for signing him to it so why blame Davis for getting his paycheck? 

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I like Adam a great deal...I think he's been one of my favorite Orioles for awhile now.  It's certainly his right as a 10/5 guy and he's earned it.  No hard feelings here at all.

My take on it...he probably realizes the jig is up and he might be hurt by it.  Understandable.  Duquette isn't going to try to re-sign him for next year.  He probably knows some of his playing time is going to be chewed up my Mullins in a month or so too.  Maybe he even thinks the Orioles just want to toss him away so they don't have to pay him his $7.2 million for the rest of the year and this is his way of literally making them pay.  It could be so many things, ego, pride, doesn't want to see his role diminished somewhere else, etc.

I'll always be a huge fan and appreciate all the good things he's meant to this franchise.   


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I have been a big fan of Jones since he began his career. My wife and three kids have traveled with me to see several spring games and Jones was a main attraction. However, I have grown tired of Jones’ act this week. He said he didn’t know about a proposed deal until 5 days before the deadline...and that wasn’t enough. Ok... And now he goes on this show and acts wounded and tells everyone how he was treated poorly by Duquette. Come on, man! And, in a recorded interview, he tells people who have any opinion other than his to “shut the hell up!” 

Adam, you had to know they likely had no interest in bringing you back for 2019 when you are the leader of a historically dreadful 2018 team, one of the most underachieving teams of all time. You knew that it was likely they would look to make deals to reduce payroll to start a needed rebuild. You alluded to as much as the month of July played out in interviews. They put together a deal to the Phillies and that could not have been a better situation for him if he is the ballplayer he claims to be. Seems they went a long way to show a ton of respect for him in his tenure, and at the deadline. And now he says that the waiver deadline is still out there...what? If you are going to turn it down, why even say that? Tony is right, all about a power move.

The way in which Adam has conducted himself the past week comes off as a spoiled brat. Yes, he has the right to exercise the 10/5 clause. So be it. But, when you accept the money and attention of adoring fans when things are good, you also accept the criticism and the blame when things go wrong. So people are second guessing you...cry me a river, pal. 

He has always been a gamer in an Orioles uniform and his personality has usually come across as playful and generally, just a good dude. But his actions recently have given us mixed signals about a guy I think we all thought highly of until the past week. Lots of people do a ton of good charity work and don’t act like this. Its no excuse to act like this. It’s a bad look on Jonesie, and I think he should be embarrassed in the way he has conducted himself as anything other than professional recently. Adam, you lost me as a fan. I also had to explain to my 7 year old boy, an avid ballplayer, why his favorite player on his favorite team told someone to “shut the hell up” on television. Way to go, pal.

Farewell, Adam. Wherever you land next season, I hope they kiss your behind like you think they should so you feel special and respected.

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