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Greg Pappas

Poll: Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?  

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  1. 1. Will the O's sign the Mesa brothers?

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3 hours ago, Greg Pappas said:

I wish I could insert a poll into a current thread, but that's not an option.  Regardless, do you expect us to land the Mesa brothers?

I voted no. 

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1 hour ago, Can_of_corn said:

Sure, the point is a team can overcome a geographical disadvantage.

But not the Orioles.

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2 hours ago, Moose Milligan said:

I think he's more talking about NBA free agents only wanting to go to desirable locations.  No top flight NBA free agents consider a place like Milwaukee, for example.  

That’s exactly what I meant. 

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It'll be the 11th hour, everything looking good, Ken Rosenthal will report that it's all but done that the O's have secured Mesa Mesa, and there will be an earthquake under the warehouse.  Brady will be swallowed into an abyss never to return and simultaneously will not be able to answer the text, "Are we a go?!" 

I love my O's.  We are a huge fail.

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12 minutes ago, Papeete said:

It doesn't matter how much the Orioles have, they wouldn't sign with them for Ten Reasons:

1. Lack of Team Leadership
2. Lack of Winning
3. Lack of local Cuban Baseball community in Baltimore
4. Lack of Players on the Orioles to relate to (no Latin Leadership with the Orioles)
5. Compared to Miami, Baltimore's Fanbase is primarily Black and White
6. The Mesa's are single males . . . REALITY, which city has the better looking women, Miami or Baltimore!
7. Being Elite Prospects, this initial money is chump change compared to their future
8. The Orioles don't have a track record of Cuban prospects progressing up to Baltimore
9. A recent history of not offering market salaries to Latin Players (compare what was offered to Manny to Davis and Trumbo)
10. Failing to send someone to Miami with any creditability to watch them workout . . . outside of Orioles Land, who the ____ is Brady Anderson!

  1. The Marlins have team leadership?
  2. The Marlins win?
  3. Can't speak to it.
  4. Diaz is Cuban.
  5. Miami has a fanbase?
  6. Sexist much?
  7. Mesa Jr is elite now?  When did that happen?  I'm not sure VVM counts as elite but at least he has a case.
  8. The Marlins do?
  9. Ublado, Beef.  The O's have signed Latin players.
  10. Do you think the Mesas have much of an idea who is who at the workout?  Or their agent for that matter.
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11 minutes ago, Papeete said:

1. Marling have a GM and Manager
2. Marlins won more than the Orioles
4. DIaz is not on the MLB Team
5. Miami has a diverse Fanbase that the Orioles don't have when attempted to attract Cuban Prospects
6. Both cities have attractive women but Miami has more diversity
7. 20 MLB Teams wouldn't send people to view them if they weren't elite prospects
8. Orioles have none
9. "Recently", meaning, since Davis and Trumbo signed
10,  Hint, Brady WHO!,

  1. No issue, the O's have someone in charge (that isn't Brady)
  2. Last season sure.  Don't the Marlins have the longest current streak of sub 500 seasons?
  3. ...
  4. Do the Marlins have any?  I don't honestly know.
  5. Miami has no fanbase, last in MLB in attendance.
  6. Once again why is female attractiveness a concern? 
  7. Mesa Jr is NOT an elite prospect.  Teams sign players all the time that are not elite prospects.
  8. Do the Marlins?  You didn't answer me.  The O's have signed Cuban players and had them reach the majors.
  9. Beef.
  10. Once again I'm betting the Mesa brothers don't know any of the five folks the O's sent.  Or many folks from the other teams.
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5 hours ago, bpilktree said:

All international players go in the draft in the NBA which is nothing like what happens in baseball.  

Different union contract.  Maybe ownership can push for it during the upcoming work stoppage. 

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8 minutes ago, Papeete said:

1. The Orioles have someone in charge . . . WHO!
2.  Did the Marling win a World Series since the Orioles won a World Series!
4.  Do the Orioles have any!
5. Neither team has a fanbase, but the Marlins fanbase and city more reflects the culture of the Mesas
6. You ask why is attractiveness a concern . . . its not a concern, its a selling point for a city. Each and every, of the near 40 countries that I have visited, men have asked me "are the women in the US attractive". We (you and I) live here, so it might not be in our 100 top questions, but it is discussed by people who view the US or plan on coming to the US. Social is equally as important as your job, unless one is a computer nerd. Singles seek other singles.
7. FACT . . . 20 MLB Teams viewed him
8. Name the Cuban Stars on the Orioles MLB Team that were drafted by the Orioles
10. Who represented the Marlins and who represented the Orioles. Forgive me if I am mistaken, but I thought Jeter represented the Marlins . . .

  1. Brian Graham.  Are you even paying attention?
  2. Not even the same ownership group.  2003 was a lifetime ago.
  3. .
  4. Nope, do the Marlins?  Diaz should be up before VVM would be.
  5. O's fanbase is a level of multitude larger than the Marlins.
  6. If you make it to the majors and female attractiveness is a concern you will find yourself female companionship you find attractive. 
  7. FACT that doesn't make Jr elite.  He's simply not considered a great prospect.
  8. I see the goalposts have moved.  Just FYI you can't draft Cubans.
  9. .
  10. Jeter's rep has been taking serious hits since he took that job with the Marlins.
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52 minutes ago, Papeete said:

5. Neither team has a fanbase, but the Marlins fanbase and city more reflects the culture of the Mesas

The Orioles were 4th in TV ratings just two years ago.   Seems like we do have a pretty substantial fanbase.  


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