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Hopefully Durkin is out after the season

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    • Not saying it isn't, but AAA will be the first year we assume he will be using the MLB ball if AAA in 2020 will still be using the same balls. I'm glad Wells continues to beat expectations at every level but being a soft tosser still concerns me and probably always will. Wonder how many innings they give him with the big league club next year in spring training before they option him out to minor league camp?
    • I don't think Preston is giving enough of an adjustment because of weather conditions.  MVP candidate Russell Wilson played worse, against a statistically worse pass defense.
    • I agree. But it's been interesting to me to meet Y fans who found him so annoying that they're glad to be rid of him. They usually cite the fact that he made so many pitching changes and slowed the game down so much it became boring to them.
    • Something similar happened to me and another O's fan visiting from Vegas at the first 2012 playoff game at Yankee Stadium (the one in which Flaherty and Manny hit homers, Adam misplayed Jeter's fly into a RBI-triple, and Ibanez hit the game-tying and -winning homers in the 9th and 12th innings off of Jim Johnson and Matusz after Miguel Gonzalez had pitched his typically Yankee-killer gem). Beer wasn't thrown on us (we were in the bleachers and those fans wd never waste their Bud Light mead)--just the empty blue plastic bottles. We needed a two-officer escort from the water fountain all the way down the ramps. They also mocked my race. The other fan was a young white man and had flown in to bet on the game, and lost. There was a nice Canadian woman behind us who said she was rooting for the Y's, but hated Yankee fans.... I have some some cool photos. Nonetheless, I loved that season and series.
    • This is what he had to say: Lamar Jackson struggled passing most of the game and it appears that the league has figured out how to take away some of his easy throws. He threw behind and low to a lot of receivers. As usual, he remains the team’s top offensive weapon with his legs. Jackson isn’t a complete quarterback yet, but he can make big plays from anywhere on the field. Grade: C+ ————————————————————————- Honestly he’s pretty accurate. 
    • https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/10/ravens-pernell-mcphee-suffers-triceps-tear   I think they have to make a move now. 
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