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What Can the O's Do to Put Butts in Seats in 2019?

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My suggestions:

1) More day games on Saturdays.

2) Upper deck season-pass or standing room Season-pass for under $100.

3) Free upper level tickets on Mon, Tues, and Wednesday games during April and September.

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Broadcast an inning on TV or Radio. 

Do the pregame show with Jim Hunter.

Participate in Dempsey's Dugout. 

Drink wine with Jim Palmer. 

Have a scotch with Gary. 

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Double header Saturday or Sunday.  

Frederick or Bowie at 12PM.

No alcohol sales for MiLB game.

Orioles at most portals and statue area.

Wrist bands for those that buy double header package. So they can have one re-entry. 

Alcohol sales for MLB game.

Minors players at portals. Pitch speed area. 

If you stay between games you get to see batting practice.

Maybe have a popular local band in the picnic area between games. 

A few more give a ways and seat number raffles. Real worn game jerseys. Autographed balls. 

Do this in partnership with local establishments.

Also, besides this promotion.

Partner with Baysox and maybe pay extra for a 10 game O's plan and you get 3 games of your choice at Bowie.

And the opposite with Bowie.

Partner with some youth leagues and do All-Star batboy night. Have them nominate stand out player for the month 

be chosen to be guest batboy crew.

Give the previous years champions in some of these leagues game tickets for each player and 2 adults and honor these guys at different home games.

Saturday or Sunday tailgates like Jones does in partnerships with a different charity each time.

Hire a few former players to do free clinics for youth and high school players and Coaches in the inner city area of 

Baltimore. There are a lot of dedicated guys trying to get kids involved. The Orioles should be a part of this.

Sorry to bloviate. 

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