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Aww poor scott no one commented in your thread so here ya go. Now if you'd like to return the favor I have a ur so gay thread in the music section that no one has said anything in ;)

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Aww poor scott no one commented in your thread so here ya go. Now if you'd like to return the favor I have a ur so gay thread in the music section that no one has said anything in ;)

I'm gay?

I don't think so. *checks* No! Not at all.... :P

I'm just jamming on a Friday night... and trying to share some o dem jams with the rest a us...

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    • #50THANNIVERSARY On this day in 1970, the Orioles dropped a second game in a row to the Oakland A's by a score of 4-2. Frank Robinson went 2 for 4 with 1 RBI for the Birds. Tom Phoebus (5.1 IP, 7 H, 3 R, 3 BB, 4 K) was tagged with the loss. BOX SCORE  
    • #50THANNIVERSARY On this day in 1970, the Orioles lost to the Oakland A's by a score of 4-1.  Rollie Fingers and Mudcat Grant combined to three-hit the Orioles. Baltimore's lone run came off the bat of Frank Robinson, who hit his 7th homer of the season in the 7th inning. Mike Cuellar struck out 6 in the complete game loss. BOX SCORE
    • The latest mock from Jonathan Mayo... https://www.mlb.com/news/mlb-mock-draft-june-3?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage    
    • I'll be back because...well, I love baseball.  I love the Orioles.  I really can't imagine MLB being played and not paying attention on some dumb principle that I have against the players and the owners because they're both spoiled assholes.  You can't get mad at water for being wet.   That said... God #@$%ING DAMMIT.  @#%& every last one of them.  MLB just...never gets it right.  The most painful thing in all of this is that they had a chance to lead.  They had a chance to be the first pro sports league to get it together this summer, to come up with a plan to get back to playing and be the first ones on stage Nascar doesn't count, you can't prove me wrong with NO OTHER COMPETITION.  MLB, the sport with the oldest, fart-knockingist fanbase.  MLB, the sport that always seems to lag behind other sports in...just about everything.  MLB, the sport with the dumbest marketing where they try SO HARD TO BE COOL AND RELEVANT.  They had such a prime opportunity to be front stage and center.  No NBA, no NFL and no NHL.  They had an opportunity to be leaders, to show the other leagues how it's done and the opportunity for starved sports fan to see what a great game it can be.  THEY HAD A CHANCE TO HAVE A COMPLETELY CAPTIVE AUDIENCE. And they blew it.   The NBA made it back first, which is not surprising.  In the NBA, you get players that make a metric $%#*ton of money and are also hyper aware and concerned with defining their legacy.  LeBron James is chomping at the bit to get back on the court because he knows this might be the best/last time he can contend for a title and if he wins it, it'd add to his legacy.  You get a guy like Giannis who is obsessed with knocking him off.  Meanwhile, in the MLB you get guys like Snell and Harper who are sitting around bitching about money.  You get the feeling that if someone told Harper this year he would bat .400 but would have to play for free to do it, he wouldn't think twice about sitting out instead of doing something that hasn't been done since 1941 and might not ever happen again.  If someone told Snell he could break Bob Gibson's ERA record for a season or strike out 384 batters this year but not make any money doing so, he'd flip you the bird and sit around and play video games.  World Series?  Forget it, they would just view it as extra work.  I think LeBron would play for free the rest of this summer if he thought he had a chance at another title. I'm not sure where the NHL is in regards to restarting their season because it's...the NHL.  But it wouldn't surprise me if they got their act together and figured out a way to finish, it certainly looks like they're trying harder. And you know the NFL is going to play come hell or high water.  The NFL will not miss a week.  They will start on time.  Because they all know there's too much on the line and that by the end of this summer that people will look to their league as something that can bring people together and help them heal.  People will go ballistic if the NFL start date gets pushed back or if games are missed.  But baseball not happening is seemingly being met with apathy from the general sports fanbase.   @#$% you, MLB.  I'm not saying @#$% you forever, but for right now in this very moment, @#$% you.  @#$% you for being so far behind in everything.  @#$% you for being the last sport to make a statement on George Floyd, only doing so because people noticed you didn't and they called you out on it.  @#$% you players, @#$% you owners, @#$% you all.  @#$% you for not seizing a golden opportunity when you had one because you can't see past your stupid @#$%ing paychecks and your dumbass collective bargaining agreement.  @#$% you for not being able to put your differences aside to be able to play in a time where your fellow countrymen would love nothing more than to watch a game and forget about a pandemic and civil unrest.  @#$% you for not being there when we actually needed you.
    • This came up on my suggestions. Pretty good cover by some youngsters.  
    • Scores high as being personable and well spoken!   Was also interesting during the “Texas History Quiz”, when he and Millar were asked to name one of the seven Texas born Hall of Famers,  he quickly answered “ Nolan Ryan” (natch) but when neither he nor Millar came up with a second quickly, Chris Rose read the rest.   Frank Robinson was one of them, to which Lacy commented  “ I did not realize Frank Robinson was born in Texas”. (Almost like .... how did I miss that when studying up on the Orioles.... 🤔!)
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