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at Rays 3/9

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That was scary! Hit Adames in the head. But he popped right up, ok. It glance off hie visor and the very front, right on the TB logo.

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And now a four-pitch walk to re-load the bases.

You guys, I'm starting to get the feeling that Omar Bencomo isn't going to make the team.

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1 minute ago, BohKnowsBmore said:

She seems pretty thin, I mean... OHHHHHHH

You know what 'm talkin' 'bout! 😛

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    • It would be wrong to call a meeting of the general managers and tell them they should not spend so much money on free agents: 1) Each GM should be able to figure that out on their own for each FA player. 2) Telling all the GMs that is grounds for the Union to file a grievance.
    • Well I don’t remember reading that in your original post, but yes that would be the very poster child of collusion. However, publicly saying, “it is stupid to sign a washed up veteran for too much money,” Is neither wrong, nor wrong. And it would be not wrong to publicly say, “the owners shouldn’t spend so much money on free agents” And it probably wouldn’t be wrong to say, “I’m going to have a meeting of all the general managers and tell them that they shouldn’t pay so much money to free agents because they aren’t worth it.”  After all, if they are free to do business as they wish, and they all agree that high dollar free agents are overvalued, that may be a fine line between “collusion“ and “good business practice.“ I’m not attempting to argue against what happened, just Wondering if it would still have been collusion if the owners had publicly explained that it was bad business?
    • It amazes me that people that were so angry when I suggested that you shouldn't feed your kids hot dogs and sodas are now so worried about ccvid. Heart Disease deaths in this country are 650k a year. Strokes kill 140k a year in the US and Diabetes 85k. And 620k from Diabetes.     The same thing that makes you at risk from dying from covid is the same thing that puts you at risk from dying from Heart Disease, Diabetes and stroke.  Yet I have yet to hear anyone else say they have given up processed food, meats, and exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables more since Covid started.    
    • I'm sure they're stretching out to the point that first start might be 5 or 75 pitches, then 6 or 90, then opened up.
    • There are 2 different discussions here. First of all, I’m good with selling off pieces and going cheaper and younger for now..of course, they did it in a half assed way and other guys should be gone. Secondly, this rebuild started with DD still here.  The Gausman deal was strictly about saving money.  If they cared about the best rebuild possible, you ignore the pennies and get the best players. Also, we saw the deal between the Angels and the Giants and how the Giants essentially bought a good prospect for taking on Cozart’s deal.  That was right after the Bundy deal and was the Os needed a SS at the time.  You then heard Elias basically say that type of deal wouldn’t be signed off on by the owners.  That’s a huge problem to me. The Orioles are spending about 100M less on payroll than they did 3-4 years ago.  They have flexibility to take advantage of teams that could try to dump contracts and attach good young players to it.(see David Price as an example) They can take advantage and sign a FA who maybe has slipped through the cracks.     There are things they are doing that are encouraging but I see no reason to have total faith in them and give them the benefit of the doubt.  Elias will have to be really good for this to work and if he is just above average, the team probably will struggle to truly contend unless things break right for them like they did from 2012-2016.
    • Servideo is in Baltimore today so expect his signing to be imminent. 
    • https://nccueaglepride.com/sports/baseball/roster/shane-davis/6327#:~:text=Tossed 191 strikeouts over 135.0,a 3.68 ERA in 2018. Works 88-90 but with high spin rate and can touch 92-93 on occasion. Reportedly uses a decent curveball and change and shows a slider at times.     
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