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The Rubber Match (vs. YANKEES, 3/31)

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15 minutes ago, OFFNY said:



Just shut up, and watch the game.





3 minutes ago, schittenden said:


By here, do you mean you are at the game ???





I'm just reminding myself to shut the hell up.



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3 minutes ago, Upper Deck John said:

Should’ve walked him with first open and pitched to Davis

What do you do with an elephant with three balls?




Walk him and pitch to the rhino.

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1 minute ago, Moose Milligan said:

Yeah, that was a strike.

Can't believe that ball Rickard hit got out.  I thought it was going off the wall.

In most parks it would, I think.

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    • Would that be true even if it’s public? I suppose the question has already been answered, and the owners stepped over the line, but how fine is the line? Was there any punishment for an owner who defied the directive and signed a high dollar free agent anyway? Was it even a directive, actually a direct order, a command or majority vote of the owners? Or was it just, “I don’t think you should do this because it’s not financially wise“?  If the very act of discussing the issue is itself grounds for agreements, that seems a little draconian.
    • They will have to adjust to a system that matches the QB. I’m sure Bill B is prepared to exploit Cam’s strength. He is not a traditional pocket passer anymore than Jackson is. They can preserve him somewhat by reducing or eliminating the planned run plays. I don’t think you can get rid of the plays where Cam will take off as that’s who he is.
    • I wouldn't give Lamar a long term contract.  Just Franchise him for a couple of years and then let him go.  I can't see him being effective as a running quarterback after 7 years.  How many running backs are effective after 7 years of starting?
    • If they're coordinating together, it's collusion. Having a meeting and creating some type of agreement qualifies as that - so the bolded sentence would definitely be that. They're also not free to do business however they please - they agreed to a collective bargaining agreement with the players. And they're also beholden to national anti-trust legislation like the Sherman Act that doesn't allow that sort of thing.
    • It would be wrong to call a meeting of the general managers and tell them they should not spend so much money on free agents: 1) Each GM should be able to figure that out on their own for each FA player. 2) Telling all the GMs that is grounds for the Union to file a grievance.
    • Well I don’t remember reading that in your original post, but yes that would be the very poster child of collusion. However, publicly saying, “it is stupid to sign a washed up veteran for too much money,” Is neither wrong, nor wrong. And it would be not wrong to publicly say, “the owners shouldn’t spend so much money on free agents” And it probably wouldn’t be wrong to say, “I’m going to have a meeting of all the general managers and tell them that they shouldn’t pay so much money to free agents because they aren’t worth it.”  After all, if they are free to do business as they wish, and they all agree that high dollar free agents are overvalued, that may be a fine line between “collusion“ and “good business practice.“ I’m not attempting to argue against what happened, just Wondering if it would still have been collusion if the owners had publicly explained that it was bad business?
    • It amazes me that people that were so angry when I suggested that you shouldn't feed your kids hot dogs and sodas are now so worried about ccvid. Heart Disease deaths in this country are 650k a year. Strokes kill 140k a year in the US and Diabetes 85k. And 620k from Diabetes.     The same thing that makes you at risk from dying from covid is the same thing that puts you at risk from dying from Heart Disease, Diabetes and stroke.  Yet I have yet to hear anyone else say they have given up processed food, meats, and exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables more since Covid started.    
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