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New Territory ...... vs. BLUE JAYS, 4/01

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Just now, Frobby said:

Wright’s velocity down considerably from the Saturday game.    Fastball was 93-95.   

He was great in the 8th except one pitch. 

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3 minutes ago, eddie83 said:

His argument is pathetic. 

Mr I care all about the players and he says this garbage. 

Hess’ career doesn’t matter to him? I mean if he goes 2 more batters then what?

Plenty have pitchers have developed late and Law knows this. Hyde should throw pitch counts because this is the pinnacle of Hess’ career?

Give me a break and pass the hatorade. 

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6 minutes ago, allquixotic said:

Thank you Tony. I think a lot of people are looking at the situation with their hearts only, and thinking back to the 60s and 70s when pitchers had rubber arms, didn't throw as hard, had better conditioning, whatever you want to call it that made it so that starting pitchers usually pitched 9 inning games (or even into extra innings). They don't do that anymore. 5 IP 3 ER or better is considered good today. In the 60s it would be expected of a little league pitcher but never a major league pitcher to only go 5.

It's just the reality of today's game, when even starters throw just as hard as relievers, and some starters throw harder than some relievers, that they can't go that deep. Hess being on 3 days rest, 80 pitches pitching a great game, and you want to take him out before he has a chance to screw up.

So many times in Buck's tenure, I raved about the manager leaving a SP in too long, hoping they would get through the 6th or 7th when they hit a wall and ran out of gas. I'm actually glad Hyde thought this through. You have a young pitcher throwing hard on 3 days rest. Pull him on a high note.



I still feel that deep down in my heart it would have been very emotionally correct (if not analytically correct) to let him try for a no-hitter.

Nah, I completely agree with Tony.  It would be almost insane to change a pitch count on his first game of the season because of an emotional reason.  If that led to a sore arm, it would be a firable offense, imo.  Frankly, Bordick should have ripped Thorne (gently but firmly) when Thorne acted like the O's committed a sin by taking out Hess.  

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So nice to see some good defense at SS again. Richie has been flashing the leather early this year. 

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Just now, eddie83 said:

Bleier needs a double play ball. 

Hard with runner at 2nd 

been a long day 

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