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vs. YANKS, 4/04 (2019 Home Opener)

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2 minutes ago, Going Underground said:

Looks pretty full, Upper deck,not so much.


I’ve never seen it that empty at game time for a home opener.  I might have gone but I’m busy at an appointment currently.

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    • I'm curious how you mean that.  Do you mean folks like Moluntcastle and Diaz and are you talking going all out and bringing up Hall, Rodriguez and Adley?
    • To be fair, they are artificially the worst team.  If they let the best 26 play, they would win more games.
    • And you and yours as well!
    • I would prefer they play a normal 10th  or 11th. Then go to the new rule. For those of you who are diehard fans, I suppose this change is blasphemy, but other sports have changed their rules and it makes it more exciting. 4 on 4 hockey is more exciting than 5 on 5. Shoot outs are exciting. I don't like 4 hour games. I imagine players and managers hate long games. Your observation is like a kid seeing a food and says he doesn't like it before he tastes it. This is the non-season to try it, basically a 60 game exhibition schedule, where all stats are basically meaningless. Even the eventual WS winner have an asterisk. It will nice to see them play. In fact the O's may benefit more than normal...give the kids a chance and long look.
    • The 30 year treasury was around 6% in Feb. 2000, so we can consider that the risk free rate. It looks like high quality long term corporate bonds were around 8%, that’s probably more comparable. So this was probably pretty close to a fair deal. 
    • Is it wrong to make a choice that will work out in your favor 99% of the time, and there's no way to tell if this particular choice is the 1%? At 33: Carlos Delgado had a 161 OPS+.  Over his last four years of his career he was worth 4.8 wins. Jack Clark had a 148 OPS+.  Three years later he was done. Derrek Lee had a 146 OPS+.  Two years later he was an Oriole... and done. Pedro Guerrero had a 145 OPS+.  The next season would be his last with average batting numbers. Aubrey Huff had a 142 OPS+.  He never had a 100 again. Lance Berkman had a 140 OPS+. He'd have two more pretty good seasons. John Olerud had a 140 OPS+.  After that he played 214 games with a 98 OPS+. Jeff Bagwell had a 140 OPS+.  He actually had three more good years before falling off and retiring. Mike Easler had a 140 OPS+.  He had one more .800 OPS season. Cecil Cooper had a 138 OPS+.  He had one more season where he was an average or better hitter. Don Baylor had a 138 OPS+ (actually at 34).  He had one more season with an .800 OPS. George Hendrick had a 138 OPS+.  He had one more part-time season with an .800 OPS. Andre Thornton had a 123.  He's have one more good year. Adrian Gonzalez had a 130 OPS+.  Since then he's gone .784, .642, .672. Dmitri Young had a 129 OPS+.  The next year would be his last. Then you have Nelson Cruz and David Ortiz at 137.  Cruz has a .928 OPS and been worth 21 wins since leaving Baltimore.  And Ortiz had perhaps the best late career hitting and phone smashing record of all time. Also, remember Cruz was born July 1st, on the cutoff date, so if he'd been born 12 hours later his walk year with the O's would have been his age 34 season, so we'd be comparing him to these guys a year later and a year worse.
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