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vs. YANKS, 4/04 (2019 Home Opener)

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20 minutes ago, Going Underground said:


The Official Record of Orioles Pregame Ceremonies That Doesn’t Ruin Your Feed:


“We like you” cheers?

thats like getting the “just friends” speech from the local tart.

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1 minute ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

Judge did that today? That gigantic oaf could kill someone going into 2B.

I didn't see the replay. Don't know if it was dirty or just good hard baseball. I'm guessing the latter.

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6 minutes ago, NashLumber said:

Opted to cut my DirecTV package down significantly, and in the process dropped  MASN. But still have the At Bat app and am listening to the 105.7 feed on my new Bluetooth receiver. Enjoying a late lunch in the kitchen and it does have the feel of a bygone era. It’s rosewood and has a fairly robust volume. It’s about the size of a large apple  



That looks great! I’ll buy one! Where’d you get it?

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6 minutes ago, Philip said:

Do you have any thoughts about Wotherspoon after yesterday’s brief outing?

Actually missed his part of the game because I had to take me son to practice. I'll need to go back and watch video later.

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    • Wells threw 2 more clean innings yesterday, striking out one.   His ERA is now 0.66 in 13.2 IP, with a 1.02 WHIP.
    • Fanfest is an off-season event to get the fans excited about the season.  A minor league game played at Camden Yards before or after the season isn't getting anyone excited about the season.  Maybe it is a nice thing for the minor league players who will never get to play in Camden Yards otherwise.  I don't see it getting fans excited about the season.  And it is also free to Season ticket holders.  They get to hear from players and management.  The free fanfest and the in season q&a for season ticket holders with GM and manager were nice features of being a season ticket holder. While a Bowie vs Norfolk game might be something that appeals to you I doubt it would get anyone to pony up for season tickets or buy more game Oriole game tickets. 
    • While I'll never root for the Yanks, part of me almost wanted them to demolish everyone else and stand astride MLB with a metaphorical spear driven through the league.  Cackling maniacally, flaunting their $650M in revenues. It's not completely a coincidence that the Yanks utterly dominated the 1950s, and in the early 60s we got expansion, the draft, teams moving everywhere... Only when the Evil Empire crushes everyone do we stand a chance of MLB really taking proactive steps to subdue them. But I'll take them losing the pennant.
    • WAR is just a framework.  And an open source one at that.  As better metrics evolve you just plug those in.  Right now there's nothing stopping anyone from using Statcast data for outfielder defense in WAR.  Someone may not like how bb-ref or Fangraphs implements some part of WAR.  That's fine.  They should come up with their own value and use that instead.  But they should be prepared to defend it, because like I said, this is all open source. 
    • How so? He pitched a scoreless eighth inning, in the set-up role he's had the whole season. And he barely got through it unscathed despite loading the bases.
    • I always root for the AL representative to the Series....it is just my way.  
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