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Grayson Rodriguez 2019

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4-3 loss, with GrayRod allowing all 4 runs.    The Shorebirds has some scoring opportunities that they couldn’t cash in.   On to Salisbury for Game 2.   

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3. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP, Delmarva (Orioles)
Age: 19. B-T: L-R. Ht.: 6-5. Wt.: 200. Drafted: HS—Nacogdoches, Texas, 2018 (1).

After several years of fallow rosters, Delmarva had the most promising starting pitcher in the league. After Shorebirds lefthander DL Hall impressed last season, Rodriguez was even more impressive this year.

Rodriguez’s 94-96 mph fastball was dominating, mainly because of his future plus command. He showed he could work it to the edges of the strike zone, rarely straying over the heart of the plate.

But managers and scouts were even more impressed by Rodriguez’s advanced feel for a pair of breaking balls and his changeup. His slider and curveball aren’t always clearly separated, but both are potential above-average pitches.

Rodriguez can spin an 81-83 mph slider that dives away from the strike zone and a 79-82 mph curveball with more of a 12-to-6 shape that he can throw in the strike zone or bury at the bottom. His potentially plus command of both pitches stands out.


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Karl of Delaware (Georgetown, Delaware): 

  • Since Delmarva had the most wins of any baseball team I figured they would have more than just Greyson Rodriquez on this list - what about Adam Hall, Grey Fenter, and maybe Drew Rom?

J.J. Cooper: The general viewpoint was that Delmarva had a lot of good players, but not a lot of outstanding prospects. The description I was given by one manager was they did an excellent job of putting the ball in play and an great job of making the play on defense. Hall was the closest of the guys who didn't crack the Top 20 to making it as a middle infielder with solid defense and on-base skills.


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Holt on Rodriguez: “His focus level, his work ethic and maturity at his age - those are all really strong attributes that contribute to his quality of work, his preparation, his performances. We saw him consistently go out and be the same guy. When it comes to the stuff, it’s very good and we know that, and his command is quite good and we know that and continuing to improve.

“All the things that go into what we like about him - he just brings so many things to the table that give him the chance to be an impact guy at the big league level. I always say this: Nolan Ryan never stopped learning or trying to get better. Same with (Roger) Clemens and (Justin) Verlander now are the same way. It takes that mindset to approach your work no matter how good you are and never be satisfied with being good. (Rodriguez) works to be excellent with everything he does.”

So after such a great 2019 season, what can Rodriguez do to keep that going or get even better going forward?

“The normal things that we talk about with development. Such as continuing to hone command of every pitch in his repertoire and being able to throw those pitches whether he is even, ahead or behind in the count,” Holt said. “So, you know, just continuing the normal stages of development where he is able to use his stuff to his advantage any situation, any batter, any time in the game.”


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