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1 minute ago, Tony-OH said:

Good God, how in the hell do you get tweets to show up? What am I doing wrong?

You just paste the link in the text of your reply and wait and it'll embed. If you hit submit before it shows up, then it'll just post as the link address.

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Just now, Luke-OH said:

You just paste the link in the text of your reply and wait and it'll embed. If you hit submit before it shows up, then it'll just post as the link address.

Thanks, that's just dumb, but thanks for letting me know what I was doing. I wasn't waiting for it to come up. 

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Listening to the audio link. I didnt hear anything about his velocity. Last night, Rodriguez was sitting 93-94, which dropped to 92 in his final inning.   

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    • o   White Sox Clinch 1st Postseason Berth Since 2008: ‘This Moment is Really Special’ (By Lamond Pope) https://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/white-sox/ct-chicago-white-sox-minnesota-twins-20200917-6xydvthatng2tgb53hw2l2gwt4-story.html   o
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    • Just got through the DVR, and here's the lead.  My goodness - that mustache.  It goes right to the childhood McGregor Flanagan reptilian brain stem.  It's hard to see almost anything else. At one look, I'd say it's maybe an interesting call between him and Cobb for Game 5 next year, while whatever shenanigans/surgeries with Baumann, Hall, Rodriguez (and to a lesser extent Smith/Lowther) are waited out. I heard the Driveline last offseason report, but that hits me wrong for 4-pitch mix guys.  I think I think the devil's bargain of the Driveline-type proposition is you give feel and get dominance.  I see Savant had him at 30 FB, 10 SL, 10 CH, so will be curious to see if a 4th pitch comes out in Turn 2. Great story, and could certainly be a once through order or up/down guy for peak Rutschman teams but would hazard a guess that his IP count medium to long term is probably negatively correlated with team success.  Akin has splashed the pool to grow the group to 6 of "SP's I hope make 150+ starts/OpenerFollows for the 2021 Orioles", but I think Lopez, Smith and Lowther are more my 7/8/9 guys, never mind the Fulmers and Stewarts of the waiver wire. I do hope Zimmermann and all those others have somewhere to continue hot (warm, at least) games in October, whether in Bowie, or at some Super Arizona Fall League to be named later.  October/November Super Arizona Fall League could be like the Futures Game every day if anything could be concocted after the World Series.  Darn tootin I want to see Grayson Rodriguez trying to get Wander Franco out then.  
    • Not an impressive debut. Zimmermann's command was bad. I hope he settles down for his next appearance. Smith is a good prospect, but he only pitched 30 innings in AA last year and that was the highest he's gotten in the minors. Zimmermann, Akin, and Kremer all logged at least 150 innings between AA and AAA before this year.  Plus, 40 man roster considerations are always a factor. Zimmermann and Kremer both needed to be added this winter anyway to avoid getting picked in the Rule 5 draft. Smith does not till next winter.
    • Zimmerman's stuff, I was impressed enough. Command, quite another conversation. If he can command that stuff, I think he's okay. Good stuff, no command, see, Cabrera, D.
    • I thought Wojo looked like a hard rocker, lead singer of something like "Ancient Leviticus Ceremonies" or such. Also, today was my first look at Zimmerman, and I was thinking "why is an actor from a 70's cop show throwing out the first pitch?"
    • Behind a paywall, but here, Top MLB rookies of 2020:  https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/29894934/top-mlb-rookies-2020-made-biggest-splash   Wouldn't have figured an 86.0 average exit velocity.  
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