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O's have been terrible since Hyde yanked Hess during his no-hitter

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I mean, if they were 0-9 and looking lethargic every night, maybe that would raise a brow or two. But, I would surmise the recent plight has more to do with the roster deficiencies and opponents than a judicious decision to pull a pitcher throwing a no-no. 

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34 minutes ago, LocoChris said:

Just sayin'.

Almost blew that game and have gone 2-7 since.

And of course it’s the managers fault. 

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8 hours ago, Frobby said:

They won the next day.    And Cashner pitched 4 IP of no hit ball himself that night.   

The effects of trauma are not always immediately apparent. 👨‍🔬

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8 hours ago, Going Underground said:

The problem is he pulled him and didn't put in Zack Britton.Oh wait,wrong manager. 

Not necessarily, my dear Underground. Have you never heard the curious tale of Dr. Buckle and Mr. Hyde?

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14 hours ago, LocoChris said:

Just sayin'.

Almost blew that game and have gone 2-7 since.

2-8 now.  I think Hyde has misused the bullpen and now we know how good Buck was with the Pen.  But the losing is because the team lacks any sort of talent.  If they get 50 wins this season it will be a suprise.  You have a replacement level team.  

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    • Bailey appears to have been stretched out as a starter in the minors; understanding that he is a once through the order kinda guy, what’s the thought about him being a starter for us? An opener?
    • Now that the Rule 5 is over, Givens looks like the next domino to fall. I just don’t see him building value during the season. We’re going to be in such a mad scramble to cover innings with multi inning relievers. Givens won’t be used in a traditional “closer” role. He’d be used in a “fire stopper” role and wouldn’t see too many easy innings to pad his stats.  The reliever market looks like its moving too. The Yankees know Givens’ value, and need a Betances replacement. Now that the Rule 5 is over we can trade without having to worry about players not being protected from the MLB and MILB Rule 5 draft. 
    • I’m still holding out hope that the “look for bad contracts” quote that Connolly reported was to attempt to trade Davis. The taking back money part could be to take back a littler more than the 69 million left on his deal. 
    • Just wait until Ed Howard comes out driving the ball this spring or Reid Detmers gains a couple ticks of velocity or Zamora’s bat takes off. Not saying those things will happen, but there are guys who could jump into that top 3 discussion. Plus I’d argue Gonzales should already be in that discussion.
    • I was thinking the same thing. Look at the 2019 draft from pick #8 on. We also picked up Hanhold and Sulser at the end of the year. Now we’ve added these 8 pitchers. All NCAA pitchers with the exception of Diplan.  Its clear that we have a plan. It will make the losing at the mlb level easier next year. We’re going to see some deep staffs from Delmarva - Norfolk. Two thoughts... we still have trade chips, and we still have waivers. Last year we picked up Alberto and Austin Brice off of waivers. Both had huge years. It’s just a shame we let go of Brice, but that was before Elias had a chance to evaluate our pitching. 
    • Two guys that both can go multi innings and will help the depth of the MLB staff next year. Elias has really improved the depth of pitching in the org since last June’s draft. It’s going to be noticeable from Delmarva - Baltimore, with Baltimore lagging behind, but we’re going to see some really deep milb staff’s to give us hope for the future. 
    • Both have a chance to stick.   Bailey is pretty short at 5-10, 175.   Big jump from AA makes them more likely to begin in the pen.   
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