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Bruno and Cowan declare pro

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In today's college landscape, it's really hard to improve your stock between your junior and senior seasons.  I think he might go and just milk a career in Europe. If he gets lucky he might latch onto an NBA G-League team and then pick up a cup of coffee in the big show.  I don't think it would be the wrong decision for him to go, though that obviously depends on what he can get going for him in the pro scene.

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If I understand correctly, there is a new rule that now allows you to declare for the draft even if you hire an agent, as long as you back out by May 31st or something. So really they're not gone yet, I'd imagine Cowan will be back still but still was surprising. If he's gone I'm not too concerned about it. Obviously, would love to have Fernando back but that isn't going to happen.

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Cowan has no chance of being drafted IMO and doesn’t have an NBA body/skill set. I think he’s declaring pro so he can get paid overseas. Do not expect him back. 

Bruno, although unlikely, may have a better chance of coming back after seeing that he’s no longer going to be a lottery pick. Still should go in the first round, so he’s likely gone. 

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    • Hmmm. I see three things as delaying our rebuild: bringing up any prospect too soon( Although I don’t care about service time issues, if a guy’s ready, bring him up) signing any high dollar free agent, and trading away prospects. So don’t do those things. (The Straily/Karns signings were exactly what we needed even though they both failed. But several other inexpensive pickups worked reasonably well) With that in mind, I would like to win as many games as possible without jeopardizing our future. 70 wins is better than 50. Do whatever three things will help that goal.
    • It doesn’t slow down the game.  That fired me up.  It was great to see an Oriole play with such emotion.
    • Good lord, that's a lot. lol  I love his talent (not really a fan of his attitude, though), but I don't wanna be the one who gives up that much for him.   I find it ironic that both Tunsil and Ramsey are good enough to get their teams this kind of return considering Ozzie passed on both of them.  Do you think Ozzie thinks Ramsey is worth that 3rd rounder now? lol  Just remember, that 3rd rounder he refused to give up ended up being Kaufusi ... lol    
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    • Mancini went 4 gotr 4 with two doubles and an HBP tonight, raiding his OPS to .892.   That’s the highest it’s been since July 2.   Would love to see him crank it to over .900 at the end of the season. 
    • Look at what the Royals sold for
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