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Trying to Salvage a Game (vs. D-RAYS, 4/18)

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Just now, OldNewGuy said:

Maybe he's not used to base running, it may be a new experience?

That's true, it's not like he's a regular out there.  But still, I feel like that situation was just basic baseball acumen.

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    • https://www.lookoutlanding.com/2019/12/16/21023953/mariners-2020-draft-preview-rhp-tanner-burns
    • I think the most we'll hear about it down the road is in regard to HOF cases. If a player like Miguel Cabrera ends up 100 hits shy of 3,000 - people will bring it up in those discussions. The only real "record" that someone could achieve this season, like many have mentioned here, is hitting .400. I doubt people will give it much weight - and it'll probably become more of a trivia question or fun fact than a true honor. If some crappy team like the Orioles somehow gets hot for 50 games and wins a World Series - there certainly will be the wink and nod that it was obviously a fluke - but it'll be too much fun for everyone for it not to mean something.
    • I used to listen to all the Baltimore Bullet games in 1968-69, how many times did I hear "Rebound Unseld, off to Monroe (or Loughery).  His full court chest passes were unbelievable.  That was such an exciting team and the seven game playoff wars they had with the Knicks (Willis Reed, Dave. DeBusschere and Bill Bradley) were unbelievable to watch.   Wes Unseld visited my school Johnnycake Junior High school during the '68-'69 season and talked about what he thought was important in life.  I recall he said how much he admired his father above everyone else.  He was a class act, RIP Wes,.  It was a joy to watch you play. 
    • Interesting that Minnesota and Cincinnati both had higher winning percentages. The Orioles however would beat them both in the post season.  I recall the Reds got off to a great start that year and Johnny Bench had a career year,  
    • If the owners get their way and have a 50 game season that's only 155 PAs to qualify for the batting title. It's kind of too bad that David Newhan is always the poster child for these things, but in his first 155 PAs in 2004 he hit .376/.426/.567 with a nice little .410 BABIP. He was still at .403 at 141 PAs before finishing those 155 PAs 1 for 12 with 2 walks. I think it'd be great if a guy like that hits .400 in 2020*. I remember Robbie Alomar was still over .400 in June of 1996 and just looked and he was at .404 after 59 games and 274 PAs. It won't be crazy at all if this happens. A guy like Newhan would be so much more amusing though. Maybe by some odd quirk the O's face like 80% lefties and Hanser gets there.
    • Reading this article on Asa Lacy,  it would seen that he has a lot of talent but will need to change his delivery to find the control needed to make the majors. https://www.camdenchat.com/2020/6/3/21278323/mlb-draft-2020-asa-lacy-preview-orioles The video shows Lacy not looking at the plate as he delivers  some of his pitches.    Elias has shown a lot of faith in Chris Holt in his first year.  He has moved him for minor league pitching coordinator to pitching director that includes the majors and minors.   Some of the O's pitchers have commented on how Holt has helped them. How much faith do you think Elias  has in Holt?    The O's have had some excellent pitching coaches in the past.   Bamberger, Miller, Wallace.    Could Holt reach that level of importance to  O's pitching?  
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