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Are Baseballs "Juiced" This Season?

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7 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

At least, unlike the kids you teach, I'm actually the best at something.

Not sure how this thread turned into you dumping on some Little Leaguers, but that's enough, thanks. Let's get back to the topic at hand.

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• Most home runs in a season, MLB: Record is 6,105, set in 2017. There were 6,084 homers hit through Tuesday's games.
• Most home runs in a season, American League: Record is 3,170, set in 2017. There were 3,119 homers hit in the AL through Tuesday's games.
• Most home runs in a season, National League: Record is 3,005, set in 2000. There were 2,965 homers hit in the NL through Tuesday's games.
• Most home runs in a season, MLB team: new record, set by both the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees (276 through Tuesday).
• Most home runs in a season, AL team: new record, set by the Twins and Yankees (276 through Tuesday).
• Most home runs in a season, NL team: new record, set by the Los Angeles Dodgers (258 through Tuesday).
• Most road homers in a season, MLB team: new record, set by the Twins (152 through Tuesday).
• Most road homers in a season, AL team: new record, set by the Twins (152 though Tuesday).
• Most homers by NL rookie: Pete Alonso, New York Mets (47 homers through Tuesday).



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If you scale 1907's home run total (244) to 162 games and 30 teams you get 481. Which the 2019 majors passed in the middle of April.  99% of the 2019 rulebook is the same as it was in 1907.

Boston's Dave Brain led the majors in homers in '07 with 10.  This year 231 major leaguers have 11 or more homers with almost three weeks left on the schedule.  In 1907 86 players qualified for the batting title.  So there are almost three times as many players in 2019 with 11 homers as there were full-time regulars in 1907.

Zach Greinke has more homers this year than Hall of Famers Nap Lajoie, Frank Chance, George Davis, Jake Beckley, Jimmy Collins, Willie Keeler and Bobby Wallace had as regular position players in '07.

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"And last but not least, I’d be remiss if I didn’t single out one team that warms the cockles of my heart: the Baltimore baseball Orioles of Maryland, who broke the record for most homers allowed in a season in game number 128, and also whom we haven’t picked on enough lately. They wound up allowing 305, with the gap separating them from everyone else large enough to drive a semi-truck through."

. . . 

"My favorite part of their season, though, might be their stretch from July 29-Aug. 10. In that time, they played 11 games, and they allowed 5+ homers in six of them. Go take another look at that chart. Only eight other teams (Reds, Tigers, Astros, Rockies, Cubs, Rangers, Pirates, Angels) have ever had six such games in a season. Which means 70 percent of MLB teams have never had an entire season with six such games. Again, the 2019 Orioles did so in an 11-game stretch."

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    • If you think trading Villar for scraps is a good idea (which is the same thing as "cash dumping" Jim Johnson, btw), then non-tendering him really isn't a big leap from there and it likely has the same end result. My point in all of this has been that non-tendering Villar to save money isn't some preposterous outcome. It's very defensible, and it's possible that no other team wants to touch him at his arb-salary while giving up anything of potential future value in return.
    • I think Luke's pretty high on Cumberland.  But other than that I generally agree with your take.
    • Major leagues definitely needs the minor leagues.  Players don't go from college straight to MLB.  Scrimmages are not going to make you major league ready.  It would cost them even more money to have games without fans. Plus how much would it cost to shuttle players back  and forth from Florida to say Detroit?   I think you are truly under estimating the value minor league baseball provides to MLB. I think this is all about the lawsuit from minor league players saying they are being paid below minimum wage.  I guess a simpler solution is lower the amount of bonuses you pay drafted players and increase salaries.  That would make the pay more equitable.  And provide housing for the players.  And cater their food.     
    • I hate to ruin this guy’s narrative, but Kevin Goldstein is hardly one of the “young finance and Wall Street bros.”    I don’t know exactly how old he is, but he’s got a 21-year old son, and so far as I know, he has no background on Wall Street or finance, having previously been a long-standing scouting guru for Baseball Prospectus.   And, he didn’t “immediately” send out his email after getting hired; he’d been working for the Astros for 5 years at that point.   
    • Just based on the eye test, this is the best team in football.  They are a more complete team than anyone else.  You do worry about Jackson getting injured, but I think every player other than Brady (somehow, in spite of his middle age) is susceptible to injury at any given time.  Just looking at the schedule, I think the Ravens will get the 2 seed.  It isn't that they can't win their last 6, because they can.  I just don't think New England is losing any more games.  The Patriots are not the Patriots of old and their final 15-1 record will be more indicative of their fortunate scheduling (having Dallas and KC at home helps a lot, as does 6 games against a pathetic division).  The Chiefs are not beating the Ravens twice, especially if the game is in Baltimore.  And no other AFC team is capable of winning in New England in January.  So I think it comes down to yet another Ravens-Patriots showdown in Mass.  The good news is this may be the only franchise not scared of the Patriots "aura and mystique," but they will have to beat them twice.  Hard to do. 
    • So baseball want in increase their fanbase and tweak the game, and keep current fans, bring back old fans, and attract new fans. So you go and screw with everybody minor league system.  
    • My granddaddy shot a 72 on his 72nd birthday. I shot a 60 back on my 60th, those rotating ducks was no match for me.
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