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I tried to put in a poll but the system here wouldn't allow me to do so. It kept telling me that I made unspecified errors and wouldn't allow me to fix it. So I am putting my choices here as thoigh it were a poll. Some of the choices are nonsensical or semi- nonsensical. But some are serious. Feel free to comment. 

1. Draft promising prospects in the draft.

2. Spend oodles of money to sign 1 or 2 top drawer TOR free agents

3. Sign Ubaldo Jimenez.  He isn't doing anything, he's cheap. And he'd provide veteran presence.

4. Put Chris Davis in the rotation. 

5. Look in the Orioles minor league system and see if there are truly any promising young candidates. 

6. Snoop around other teams' minor league systems. See if there are any good prospects and trade for them.

7. Get rid of Mike Elias and Brandon Hyde. Bring back Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter.

8. All of the above. 

9. None of the sbove. So what does Orioles management do?

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1. Draft prospects over and over again.

2. You only do this when the rest of the team is ready to "go for it"

3. Not Ubaldo, but I would look at pitchers that have had down years due to whatever and give them a cheap deal to try to revive their career, kinda like we are doing with Strailey

4. No

5. There aren't and if there were, what can you do but wait on them.

6. Yes, yes and yes

7. No

8. Not really

9. Look at our scouting, coaching and development. We suck at this.

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