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vs. WHITE SOX, 5/01 (Game Two)

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3 of the 4 runs that Hess ceded were unearned.

He needed to throw a lot of pitches to record only 13 outs, albeit with several errors committed by the defense (including one of his own.)



13 OUTS: ) 4 Strikeouts, 3 Groundouts, 3 Popouts, 1 Foulout, 1 Flyouts, 1 Out Trying to Steal Home Plate


DAVIJAMEHESS  ))))))) (FINAL NUMBERS) )))))) [Game One]


H:lll 4 ))(1 Double, 3 Singles)

R:llll 4




Pitches: )l 96(58 )Strikes, )38 )Balls)

2019 ERA: )l 5.34  )  30.33 IP  (18 ER)

2019 WHIP: )l 1.253  )  30.33 IP  (38 H/BB)

2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )l .244  )  (29 for 119)




22 ll(12 llStrikes, .10 llllllBalls)

19 ll(12 llStrikes, lll71 lllBalls)

30 ll(17 llStrikes, ll13 llllllBalls)

13 ll(81 llStrikes, llll51 lllBalls)

12 ll(91 llStrikes, llll31 lllBalls) ) *


* )) Hess recorded 1 out before departing in the 5th inning.



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Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS

Rio Ruiz - 3B

John Dwight Smith, Jr. - LF

Renato Nunez - DH

Chris Davis - 1B


Joey Rickard - CF

Steve Wilkerson - 2B

Robert Austin Wynns - C

Andrew Burton Cashner - RHP )) (4-1, 4.18 ERA)



Leury Garcia - CF

Yoan Manual Moncada Olivera - 3B

Jose Dariel Abreu Correa - 1B

Yonder Alonso - DH

Timothy Devon Anderson, Jr. - SS

Nicky Delmonico - LF

Welington Castillo - C

Yolmer Sanchez - 2B

Ryan Cordell - RF

Ivan Manuel Nova Guance - RHP )) (0-3, 8.42 ERA)





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5 hours ago, OFFNY said:



You can't win two until you win the first one.

Let's win Game One.





The Orioles won the 1st game ........ now, they can go for the sweep/win 2.



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In his career as a starter, Andrew Cashner is 41-11 when his team scores 3 or more runs, and is 4-60 when they score 2 runs or less.



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11 minutes ago, Spy Fox said:

We already knew Santander was back, but I forgot that when Gary's announcing Santanduh is back too!

And we have Casssnah pitching 

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I have never seen that in all my years of watching baseball.  Not in that particular situation.

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4 hours ago, O's84 said:

I have never seen that in all my years of watching baseball.  Not in that particular situation.

I would be surprised if that's happened more than a handful of times in the modern era of baseball.

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And too lackadaisical leading up to the throw to first, which would have made the difference between an out and safe.  Another mistake.

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